Sep 082010

Now for the third and final installment in my educational series on lube!  We’ve learned the basics about lube for vulva lovin’ and about how to pick out the right type of lube.  Now it’s time to turn around and try it from the back with my video on Lube for Anal Play.

Thank goodness he has a packet of silicone lube in his other rear pocket!

And, for added inspiration, heres a little image I found bouncing around online.  Not that butt-play is only for gay guys, mind you, but just to show some appreciation for the fellas.  All genders and all sexualities are built to enjoy well-lubed, well done anal play!  It’s just naturally fun.

My next video in this series will be on finding and loving the G spot by hand!  After that we’ll focus on G spot toys before we start looking at exploring his prostate.  Ooh la-la!

  2 Responses to “How-To Video: Lube for Anal Play”

  1. Hi Ruth. Thanks, the 3 videos were very informative. Can you provide some examples of the 3 types of lube and some of the better quality ones? The websites aren’t very good at differentiating the various types. Thanks!

  2. Sure thing! Let me work on a post about that. However, I’m going to be traveling a bit this month so I’ll start you off with a few suggestions for high quality lubes, just in case it takes me a few to get that up for you.

    Silicone Based: Eros Pjur, Pink (they also make water based. their silicone based has some plant juices in it, making it a favorite texture for women.)

    Water Based: Yes water-based (, Sliquids line (except the Silk, that has silicone in it too), Maximus

    Flavored: Sliquids flavored line, Babelicious lubes (

    Silicone/Water hybrid: Liquid Silk, Sliquids – silk

    Oil Based: Yes ( oil-based, Elbow Grease original

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