Sep 122010

There are a lot of scented body oils on the market for sensual products that are meant for use with massage or just some loving touch in non-intimate areas.  Very few, however, have managed to so fully seduce my nose as Sweet Beauty’s Chocolate Body Cream.  This organic, fair-trade chocolate-based lotion not only has one a delicious scent, it is also a high-quality body lotion in its own right.

  • Toy:  Chocolate Body Cream (sent by for review)
  • Type: Lotion, organic, chocolate
  • Manufacturer: Sweet Beauty
  • Material: Various organic/fair-trade ingredients; see the Babeland page for full list
  • Price: $22 (for 8 oz. container)
  • SMT rating: N/A

Get seduced by the delicious smell of Sweet Beauty's Chocolate Body Cream

Before getting too far into this review, it is important to note that Sweet Beauty’s decadent smelling skin moisturizing product is strictly a body lotion and is not intended as an edible or sexual lubricant.  Enjoy its delicious smell, but don’t try to put it in your mouth or any other orifi!

The wonderful chocolate aroma in Sweet Beauty’s Chocolate Body Cream actually comes from the organic fair trade cocoa that is used as an ingredient, and not from perfume oils. Also included are  other good things such as grape seed oil and Shea butter, as well as other types of seed oils. The best way to describe the delectable fragrance is to compare it to rich, dark, chocolate hot cocoa, without the sugary smell.

The very thick creamy lotion with moisturizers offers long lasting aroma, even when used in small amounts on dry areas,  leaving the skin soft and comfortable for those of us who enjoy a sensual back rub, experience dry skin from allergies or winter weather, or want to pamper tired and calloused feet.  Since the cream is made from natural ingredients and comes with an expiration date, it is a good idea to keep it in a cool place for storage. Sweet Beauty’s cream is recommended to those who are particularly picky about their use of lotions, since it is not only wonderful-smelling but a high-quality lotion.

Sweet Beauty Chocolate Body Cream is a superior quality skin moisturizer with an amazing scent (that is, again, not meant to be eaten or used as a sex lubricant). Did I mention how good this stuff smells?!   It also makes a wonderful romantic gift, particularly if it comes with a free back massage!

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