Sep 262010

A lot of folks enjoy fantasies and role-play with a naughty little bondage twist, but sometimes you’re looking for soft, sensual restraint instead of edgy or rougher options.  For those who want to seduce with or be seduced by soft silk and buttery suede, Lelo presents the beautiful Etheria cuffs. They are strong enough for a delightful struggle, soft enough to emphasize sensuality and comfort.  Skip the cheesey porn jewelry and try seducing your lover with this functional accessory.

  • Toy:  Etherea (sent by for review)
  • Type: Bondage, wrist cuffs, adjustable
  • Manufacturer: Lelo
  • Material: Silk, suede
  • Price: $49
  • SMT rating: N/A

The Etherea Cuffs are a sensual toy for restraint

Many couples are intrigued by the use of restraint during sex.  Whether it becomes a regular staple, or a rare experimentation, using gentle bondage to liven up erotic play is a common method of spicing up the bedroom.  But some people may find the accoutrements commonly associated with such bondage–hard leather or metal, often paired with images of sadism–too intimidating to give it a try.  Enter the Lelo Etherea to give this activity a soft, sensual feeling of luxury that may help to seduce away those preconceptions.

Lelo knows how to make a product look and feel lavish.  Their Etherea cuffs are made from 100% pure silk and suede, with gorgeous brocade patterns on the outside.  These soft restraints are made to fit around the wrists, though they are adjustable enough that they could fit ankles as well, with long silk ties to attach them to each other or elsewhere.  The buttery suede insides feel seductive and comforting against the skin, and when tied shut, the cuffs provide enough restraint to feel secure without making the wearer feel trapped.  With their beautiful designs, they could be worn as a sexy accessory with lingerie (or nothing at all!) to help put naughty ideas into your partner’s head as you prepare for some intimate fun.

The Etherea cuffs are made for soft, sensual bondage, and would not be able to stand up to heavy, vigorous tugging.  That said, they work well for light-to-moderate restraint, and certainly aren’t going to fall off or untie themselves during the act.  They can be dry-cleaned to keep them looking as beautiful and delicious as new, and the adjustable cuff size and long silk ties means that they can be used for a wide variety of positions and uses.  For those who are into gentle, intimate bondage or who want to experiment but are intimidated by the majority of BDSM gear, the Lelo Etherea cuffs are just what you need to spice up the bedroom in a classy and sexy way.

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