Sep 262010

With all the talk about the G-spot and good innie vaginal toys, I want to make sure that none of you forget that, for most women, the clitoris is the key to orgasm.  The Natural Contours company has a long history of making excellent vibrators, and the BonBon, a petite and powerful outtie clitoral vibrators, continues this proud tradition.  Not only is it a powerhouse of a little vibe with a great curve that fits over the mons to stimulate the clit, but it’s also adorable and easy to use with a single button.  Why not pick your sweetie up some chocolates (or in my case, Whoopie Pies) and put a BonBon in with them?

  • Toy:  BonBon (sent by for review)
  • Type: Vibrator, outtie, water resistant (not waterproof), runs on 2 AAA batteries, single-button controls
  • Manufacturer: Natural Contours
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Price: $29
  • SMT rating: N/A (Outtie vibrator, very strong for a battery-powered vibe)

The BonBon is a delicious treat

Natural Contours, as befits their name, have made a toy that curves perfectly to fit against the body.  The BonBon, a small, chocolate-colored (of course!) outtie vibrator, is made to nestle against the mons (that’s the fleshy, soft area just above the vulva) and vibrate the clitoris.  In addition, its gently curved shape snuggles nicely into your hand, making it easy to hold and use.

The BonBon is a good example of simple, useful design.  It has only one button that is clicked to turn on the toy, and toggle through its different settings (strong vibration, medium vibration, light vibration, pulsation, and then off again).  For a small, battery-powered toy, the BonBon has a surprisingly strong vibration, so don’t let its looks deceive you!  Note that, unlike many other vibrators, the BonBon starts at its highest setting and then is clicked to move to lower settings, instead of starting weak and building up, so if you don’t like starting with heavy sensation, you should turn it on before it’s in place.  Its small, sleek design makes it perfect for use during penetrative sex, as well!

Fits in perfectly with a box of sweeties for a great surprise

Other than the need for some finger dexterity to work the battery case, the BonBon should be easily usable for most people, especially with its simple one-button controls.  Its good shaping makes it easy to nestle against the body and could help partners using the toy to put it in the right spot.  If you’re looking for a small, strong, battery-powered vibrator, the BonBon is an excellent choice.

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