Oct 102010

Rumor has it that sometimes when people get married, one or more of them could be virgins.  And even if not, perhaps they’re new to vibes, cock rings, edible lubes, and so on.  For the rest of us, why wait for that once, twice, or thrice in a lifetime event to enjoy exploring ourselves and the love of our lives (at least for now)?  Take a gander at the Honeymoon in a Box and see if the delights inside might just have you blushing with delight.

The Honeymoon in a Box has a lot of options for intimate play

    Babeland’s Honeymoon in a Box is a delightful little kit.  This collection of toys, lube, and oil offers a lot of variety for a reduced price than buying all the individual components, giving you the chance to try some fun new intimate activities.

    The Ophoria Finger Vibe is a small bullet vibrator covered in squishy silicone, with a somewhat stretchy loop on one end that is meant to fit over a finger.  This toy would be particularly good for women who enjoy delicate vibration or who like insertable toys that are narrow and not too long.  The Ophoria V-Ring is a stretchy silicone cock ring with a vibrator on top.  This toy is meant to provide clitoral stimulation on a female partner who is being penetrated, but has some other fun uses that are discussed in the video.  The Babelicious Lube has already been previous reviewed here at Exploring Intimacy, so you can check out the video there for the full scoop on this delicious and body-safe lubricant.  Babeland Body Lickable Oil is an entrancingly scented and yummy lickable massage oil (that is not condom safe), perfect for some nighttime seduction.  And the Dirty Dice are a pair of six-sided dice, one with different actions (e.g. Squeeze, Lick, Blow) and the other with body locations (e.g. Lips, Below the Waist) that partners can roll to give some sexy ideas of activities.

    This kit has a lot of variety to offer, and is perfect for those who would like to experiment with different toys and to add some sexy new activities to a fun night with their partner.

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