Oct 172010

What kind of reception does your clitoris get?  If you’re looking to tune in to more direct sensations, or you just need the perfect sci-fi accoutrement for your Halloween costume as a hot sexuality researcher (aren’t we all?), then take a good look at this truly unique outtie vibrator.

  • Toy:  Seti (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: Outtie vibrator, battery-powered, waterproof, phthalate-free
  • Manufacturer: Toyfriend
  • Material: Silicone
  • Price: $54
  • SMT rating: N/A (outtie; moderate, highly focused vibration)

The Seti is a vibrator that's out of this world

For someone who has reviewed as many sex toys as I, opening a box and finding a toy that surprises you isn’t as common an occurrence as it used to be.  But Toyfriend managed to catch me off-guard with the unique shape of their Seti-style vibrator.  This toy, shaped like a small satellite dish and named after the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, is not only a fun new shape but also a versatile and useful outtie vibrator.

The Seti is made from high-quality silicone and what feels like a hard plastic core.  The “dish” part of the toy is all silicone and is squishy and bendy, making it easier to fit against your body.  This battery-powered vibrator has a variety of modes that can be flipped through by pressing its one button.

So, of course, the pressing question is: how does the dish-shape work, and does it work well?  The first part, how it works, is answered in depth in my video review.  For a short answer: it works lots of different ways, depending on how you use it.  The dish shape lends itself to versatility, letting you give yourself pinpoint vibration or a more diffuse sensation that surrounds the clitoris.  The answer to the last half of the question surprised me by being a very clear “Yes.”  The dish shape isn’t just a gimmick to make the toy look different, it actually gives the toy a lot of nice different possible sensations, and the vibrator motor is strong enough to give a nice rumble or gentle teases, depending on how the toy is used.

Overall, the Seti is unique and definitely worth a try.  Its shape gives it enough different possibilities that many people will be able to find a way to use it that fits their pleasure the best.  The only concern with the toy would be that you have to go about pressing the power/mode button in a very specific way, since it has to be pushed more deeply than on other toys; people with limited finger mobility may have a harder time with this toy.  Otherwise, however, the Seti is out there (pun intended, of course), but isn’t so crazy that it’s unusable as a pleasure device; Toyfriend made sure that the Seti functioned as a vibrator in addition to having a fun shape.

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  1. A very nice design for clitoral stimulation that will be a fun addition to any toy box.

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