Nov 142010

We all know chocolate can be a delightful aphrodisiac, and who can resist that rich, delicious chocolate aroma?  Turn yourself into a tempting treat or seduce your lover by adding this chocolate-scented, delightfully decadent body oil to your skin care or foreplay experience!

  • Toy:  Chocolate Body Oil (sent by for review)
  • Type: Massage oil, chocolate-derived, non-toxic, vegan
  • Manufacturer: Sweet Beauty
  • Material: Natural oils, organic fair trade cocoa, phthalate-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, sulfate-free, artificial fragrance-free
  • Price: $20

Sweet Beauty's Chocolate Massage Oil smells delicious and feels delightful

I have made it clear how absolutely entranced I was with the smell of Sweet Beauty’s Chocolate Body Cream, and how impressed I was at the high quality of the lotion itself.  At the end of my review, I noted that it could be used for sensual back rubs or other massages.  Well, Sweet Beauty has gone one step further and also released a Chocolate Massage Oil specifically for romantic, deliciously-scented relaxation!

As with Sweet Beauty’s body cream, this chocolate massage oil is derived from all-natural, vegan ingredients and wasn’t tested on animals.  Its entrancing smell is derived from organic fair-trade chocolate.  Its aroma is reminiscent of a rich dark chocolate, not a sugary milk chocolate confection.  It also has just a hint of vanilla in its scent.  The smell in the massage oil is a bit less strong than the scent in the body cream, which means that you can use a large helping of it during a massage without the smell becoming overpowering.  There’s nothing toxic in the product, but it isn’t designed to be edible, and it shouldn’t be used as a sexual lubricant.  Finally, since it doesn’t contain any preservatives, the oil has a shelf life of 6-months.  This probably won’t make any difficulty, however, since it’s a high-quality product that you will likely use up well before that deadline!

Like the body cream, this product doesn’t depend only on its yummy scent, but is also a high-quality product in its on right.  This oil has a nice “glide” to it; it makes the skin slippery enough for a good massage without feeling too slick or leaving the body oily for a long time afterward.  I found that it gives the skin just a touch of shine and glow, leaving it attractive and well-moisturized.  It works excellently as a massage oil, but could also be used simply to moisturize and brighten your skin.  Overall, this would make an excellent, seductive oil for a sensual massage with some scent play, or just as an oil to use as a skin moisturizer and perfume!

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