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Babeland and I are here to help you give the perfect gift to your sweetie or, better yet, yourself this holiday season!  The Groovy Chick vibe is a delicious, fun, and high quality silicone vibe designed to stimulate her g-spot and clit or his prostate and perineum for solo or partnered pleasure.  It’s a fantastic toy and I’m so excited to be able to send it to a lucky winner, thanks to Babeland!  Here are the details:


  • Grand Prize: One brand new Groovy Chick vibe from Babeland, sent by Dr. Ruthie to you.
  • Everyone who enters will receive a free 30 minute phone or online Intimacy Consultation with Dr. Ruthie!

How To Enter:  There are three ways to enter, and you can earn one entry for each way. You must enter by December 15th by doing one or more of the following:

  • 1) Sign up for Dr. Ruthie’s newsletter at this link! . If you’re already on my list, just leave me a comment letting me know that you want to enter – and be sure your correct email address is included in the form (it won’t be shown).
  • 2) Spread the word on your Facebook, Twitter or Blogs: Share the following on twitter:  @DrRuthie and @Babeland_Toys are giving away a Groovy Chick Vibe for the holidays! #sex #contests For Facebook and Blog posts be sure to include the contest link above, then come back here to link to your post in a comment below, so I can count your entries. Twitter users MUST also add me, so that I can contact you privately if you win.
  • 3) Comment below by sharing your favorite naughty quote or story.  I love hearing how creative you can be, plus I might even include it in my upcoming book on talking dirty!


  • You must be at least 21 years old, live in the USA or Canada and be willing to share your address for shipping.  If you live outside the USA or Canada, you can only be eligible to receive the free session with Dr. Ruthie.  The Groovy Chick can only be sent to the winner’s address.
  • You must have a phone number or Skype account for your free consultation.  If you live outside the USA or Canada, consultations are only available by Skype.  Free consultations are by appointment only, and must be scheduled by the end of December, 2010. Remember, sessions with me are educational only and not a replacement for medical, mental or other health care treatment.
  • You cannot enter if winning would put you in an unethical dual relationship with Babeland or myself.  For example, you cannot be an employee or immediate family of either.
  • Up to three entries are allowed per person by using all three of the methods above.  You cannot receive multiple entries for doing the same method more than once.
  • Winner will be contacted by email or Twitter on 12/16/10 to claim their prize.  They must respond with the necessary information within 3 days or forfeit their prize.  I cannot be held responsible if you give me incorrect contact information, do not add me to your list on twitter (for twitter entries), or do not respond on time.  I will mail it promptly by USPS, but I cannot be responsible for any shipping delays or issues.

Good luck and happy holidays!

  37 Responses to “Win a Groovy Chick Vibe for the Holidays”

  1. A favorite naughty quote? Does “Bend Over NOW” count lol. I do like this quote a lot: “Kinky is using a feather. Perverted is using the whole chicken.”

    Tweeted too

  2. I’m already subscribed to your newsletter and I totally want to enter to win this!!

  3. I think my favorite dirty quote would have to be the following:

    “I’m going to do things to you that you cannot even imagine, girl. I will hurt you, torment you, and even make you cry and you’ll enjoy every bloody moment of it.”


  4. I signed up for your newsletter, thanks for opening this one up to Canada!

  5. Hope this counts – My favorite naughty quote/story involves an inside joke that nobody understood at the time other than the two of us. This guy has been the only guy that has been able to easily pick me up/carry me/have sex standing up without leaning on the wall (Oh God yes!). We had to keep our relationship secret and started using the word Ride as a code. Could I get you to give me a ride to work? Think I could get a ride to the store? Wanna go for a ride while I pick up dinner? You get the idea. I’d take a ride from him anytime!

  6. Joined your mailing list. The system has listed only US, not US/Canada, though.. hmm..

  7. No worries – shipping to Canada isn’t a problem. The list is set up that way because most companies prefer to only ship prizes within the USA. However, I’m shipping this one myself so that isn’t a problem!

  8. Hi, there! I subscribe to your list! I’m pretty sure its under melababy at hotmail. that or gmail! :D

  9. Tweeted, subscribed. I never used to like dirty talk, and certainly couldn’t bring myself to do it. I felt silly. Now, since my husband and I have been exploring kink and D/s, it comes much more naturally. Still, it’s not *what* is being said, but *how* it’s being said. A softly spoken command, up close and in my ear, does far more to arouse me than the words themselves. It’s the proximity and the delivery that makes me melt.

  10. Me and my wife always talk dirty while we are having sex.

  11. bend me, sqeeze me, lick me!

  12. squeeze* :)

  13. I have spread the word on Twitter here:!/airdivined/status/5987770048712704

    Thanks for holding this giveaway!

  14. Thanks for the giveaway! Its cheesy, but it gets my clothes off everytime. My husband flicks water at me and then says, “lets get you out of these wet clothes.”

  15. Hi! I signed up for your newsletter and posted on FB here : (hopefully that works).

    My absolute favourite sex quote is more of a feeling now. I read it in a book that I got from the library, and I don’t even remember it’s title. So instead, I’ll go with something from Pieces of Jade:

    “At some point he tied my hands above my head. And then one leg. He stopped slapping me, but the sting remained, there, in my mind. The sting and the shock. And incredibly it continued to fuel me as he pushed into me, fuel me to a ferocious kind of desire until I was thrusting and pushing back at him, devouring his body with mine, the pain in my wrists and my ankle be damned. I was devoured and devourer, I was taken by the darkness and I was the darkness itself.”

  16. I’m all ready enjoying your newsletter. My favorite quote to my special friend is ” You count on me for the Devil you know”

  17. Don’t knock masturbation – it’s sex with someone I love. ~Woody Allen

    fav sex quote

  18. I subscribed to the newsletter :)

  19. Subscribed to your newsletter.

  20. Tweeted. 12/3

  21. signed up for Dr. Ruthie’s newsletter

  22. Tweeted. 12/4

  23. I subscribed to your newsletter!

  24. Favorite sex quote:

    “Anybody who believes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach flunked geography.” – Robert Byrne

  25. I subscribed to the newsletter

  26. I Signed up for Dr. Ruthie’s newsletter!

  27. My Husband likes to say…”Are you Horny Baby”!

  28. I have a good quote from Billy Joel: There’s nothing better than good sex. But bad sex? A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is better than bad sex. :)

    I have also subscribed to your mailing list.

    Thank you!

  29. I just registered for your newsletter. I’ve super wanted one of these for a while now!

    How about a favorite sexy experience?
    We were at huge music venue. My partner had been off in dancing in one of the bigger rooms and I was digging the groove in the lounge area. He comes rushing at me into the room and says, “I need you right now!” He took my hand and lead me outside the club, then down the dark alley next to it. There was a bench there, probably for employees to use when on break, but there was no lighting, except from the streetlight along the sidewalk and the moon. He knew this was a fantasy of mine. He pushed me up against the cool brick wall of the building, passionately kissing me and nibbling at my neck and shoulders. Then, bent me over on the bench and flipped my skirt up onto my back. I was so wet he took me from behind immediately. All of this while just being able to see the people walking back and forth, standing and smoking on the sidewalk, just far enough away that it was difficult to identify who the people were. I was *so* wet from the fucking, he used my own juices as lube and began fucking my ass. This was probably one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had.

  30. I signed up for the newsletter!

  31. My favorite dirty quote is:

    “If your mouth gets tired, use your throat.” I love when my husband says that to me. :)

  32. I just tweeted!!/SunnyMegatron

    I also subscribed to your newsletter :)

  33. Well, I made it in! Thanks, Ruthie for this. did you do that draw yet? :D
    I don’t have a fave dirty quote but I hear a lot of sexual innuendo when my boy watches the Disney channel. It’s subtle. You only hear it if you have a dirty mind, and I do, but it’s there.

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