Nov 142010

Finding a large, comfortable, body safe dildo can be a challenge.  Thankfully, Vixen’s VixSkin line offers the Bandit – the most realistic-looking and -feeling dildo that I’ve ever encountered. Whether you’re playing solo, using a harness, or holding it by hand, this is a wonderfully versatile and enjoyable premium toy.

  • Toy:  Bandit (sent by for review)
  • Type: Realistic dildo, harness-compatible
  • Manufacturer: Vixen
  • Material: Vixskin silicone
  • Price: $100
  • SMT rating: N/A

Get ready for the Bandit to steal your heart

Let’s address the most prominent feature of the Bandit first: this is easily the most realistic dildo that I’ve ever encountered.  It looks spot-on, complete with some skin wrinkles, slightly protruding veins, and an attached scrotum and testicles.  More noticeable, though, is how realistic the Bandit feels.  Vixen made the Bandit a dual-density silicone dildo; the center of the toy is made of quite firm silicone, but the outside is made of a softer, more pliable silicone.  This layering of softer-over-harder, combined with the velvety feel of Vixskin silicone, makes the Bandit feel very close to the real thing.  Neither layer is hard enough to keep the toy from being flexible.

The second feature of note in the Bandit is its size.  At 7″ long and 1.75″ in diameter, the Bandit is quite a bit larger than the average penis, and so is excellent for those who would like a more filling toy.  It is narrower and softer at the head of the penis, which makes it easier to insert.   The Bandit’s size also makes it an impressive eye-catcher when it’s used in a strap-on harness, as we will discuss further below.

The Bandit makes an excellent toy for both solo and partnered play.  Its realistic feel is perfect for fantasy purposes and also provides it with a nice flexibility.  This flexibility makes the toy easy to use despite its large size; since it is more pliable to the touch, it responds more to the body’s direction and is less likely to start poking in uncomfortable ways.  Of course, the hefty size (particularly the thickness) means that you should use lots of high-quality (non-silicone) lube and move at a slower pace.  But once you’re ready for the Bandit, its more flexible nature will make thrusting with the toy go more smoothly than with a harder dildo.  This also makes the Bandit more ideal for partnered play than harder dildos, since a partner using this toy can do so with less risk of accidentally causing discomfort.

As a final plus, the Bandit is strap-on compatible with any harness that can work around its scrotum-and-testicle base.  Its realistic look and above-average size make it a particularly visually pleasing strap-on harness, and, again, its more forgiving consistency means that it’s easier to use in a pleasurable way.  Plus, its firmer core means it transmits a good amount of pressure to the wearer’s body through the harness, which will make any sort of strap-on intercourse more pleasurable for the dildo-wearing partner.  It could also conceivably be used for a packing dildo, since it’s flexible enough to be maneuvered down a pant leg–you better be ready to have a very large and noticeable package, though, if you’re going to do this!

There are only a couple points about the Bandit that should be considered before diving in on getting this premium toy.  First, again, it’s a sizable toy; make sure your eyes aren’t bigger than your orifices of choice!  Additionally, if you don’t prefer toys that are realistic-seeming or might be grossed out by one that is fairly life-like, you might want to considering passing on the Bandit, since it’s a lot like the real thing.  Finally–and I’m sad that this is the case–some partners can get intimidated by sex toys and feel insecure about their own bodies or prowess.  If you have such a partner, they may find the Bandit particularly daunting due to its realism and large size.

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