Nov 272010

Folks who know sex toys are familiar with Jimmyjane’s reputation for high-quality, iconic designs that make a statement, whether you give them to yourself or someone else.  In addition to sex toys, they also make absolutely luscious massage candles.   This kit is a gorgeous way to get your hands on a half-dozen decadent smells to mix, match, and use to seduce your partner.

The Little Afterglow Sampler Set makes the perfect sensual gift

We all know that presentation matters when it comes to gifts.  Thankfully, Jimmyjane knows this, too; from the moment you set eyes on it, the Afterglow Sampler Set works to seduce you.  This set of six 1.7 ounce massage candles comes beautifully packaged in a classy-looking white box adorned with simple art and a pink satin ribbon.  Inside, six small square candles in ceramic-feeling holders, complete with little spouts, sit nestled in red, suffusing you with their delicious scents from the moment you open the box.
The Afterglow Sampler Set contains six differently scented massage candles: Dark Vanilla, Pink Lotus, Cucumber Water, Grapefruit, Truffle and Gardenia, and Bourbon.  Each of these candles by itself has a delicious, seductive aroma, but they also have very complementary smells that allow you to mix and match them with pleasant results.  In fact, the sampler set contains an “Experience Guide” that discusses different pairings of candles to promote certain moods for your massages.  The small ceramic candle-holders with spouts are adorable, and would make fantastic holders for future massage candles you make have once the Jimmyjane ones have been all used up.
In terms of quality, the candles are each from the Afterglow line, so you can check out my previous Jimmyjane Afterglow Candle review to get the full scoop on the perfect massage oil these candles can be melted into.  Shortly, these are excellent quality massage candles, and being able to sample and mix different scents in order to provide the perfect massage experience.  Whether it’s for yourself, an intimate partner, or someone who could use a sensual massage accessory, the Jimmyjane Afterglow Sampler Set makes an excellent gift.

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