Dec 162010

It’s always fun when I get to review a well-made men’s product like the P.2 silicone cock ring.  Finally, we’ve got a nice, thick, solid cock ring that isn’t made out of metal.  As an added bonus, the protruding end could be fun for perineal or clitoral stimulation, depending on your bodies.  Wrap up your package in something cute that makes it stand out and adds the fun of exploration.

  • Toy: P.2 (sent by for review)
  • Type: Cock ring, stretchy, perineal stimulator, clitoral stimulator
  • Manufacturer: Laid
  • Material: Silicone
  • Price: $48
  • SMT rating: N/A

The P.2 is an imaginative and comfortable cock ring

This is certainly the month for unique toys here at Exploring Intimacy!  The P.2 by Laid is a new and exciting spin on the traditional cock ring.  Not only is it high-quality and thick, but it also has an extra triangle-shaped extension made for perineal stimulation.

The P.2 is made from medical-grade silicone and is firm while having enough stretch to allow it to be worn comfortably.  (I recommend silicone or other stretchy materials for all but the most experienced cock ring wearers, since hard metal rings can, very rarely, get stuck and require medical attention.)  It’s classy and sleek-looking, and comes in blue or black.  Its diameter measures about 2″ and it’s about 4.5″ long counting the extension.  As a functional cock ring, the P.2 is designed to be put around the penis and behind the scrotum; in addition to helping sustain an erection, the thickness of the P.2 ring will also help emphasize the wearer’s genitals for a delicious visual treat.

The pleasurable bonus to the P.2 above other cock rings is the triangle protrusion, which is made to tuck between the wearer’s legs.  When the toy is worn (and slicked with a bit of lube for comfort), this extra nub will rub against and stimulate the wearer’s perineum during sex play.  The perineum is a well-documented but often-ignored erogenous zone for men, so the additional attention to this area during intimate activity can greatly increase the wearer’s pleasure.  Laid also recommends turning the toy backwards and upside-down, so that the triangle protrudes up and away from the wearer’s body to stimulate their partner’s clitoris if they are having vaginal intercourse with a female partner; however, reviews have been mixed about how effective it is for this purpose.  Nevertheless, more options are always good, and exploring whether they work with your partner can be fun!

Overall, the P.2 is an excellent-quality cock ring even ignoring its unique perineum-stimulating design.  When this added element of pleasure is thrown in, however, the P.2 becomes a truly excellent addition to solo or partnered intimate activity for the male wearer.

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