Dec 172010

The week of unique toys continues!  The Two by Wet for Her is a toy that is the first finger extender I’ve reviewed.  This black silicone finger-dildo can help with solo or partnered vaginal penetration and may be just the thing for people with weak wrists.

  • Toy: Two (sent by for review)
  • Type: Finger extender, vaginal toy
  • Manufacturer: Wet for Her
  • Material: Silicone
  • Price: $39
  • SMT rating: N/A

An imaginative toy that increases your fingers' reach

Penis extenders are fairly common (and generally useless) sex aids you might see in an adult store.  Finger extenders, on the other hand, are something that even I have never come across before this month.  But thanks to Wet for Her, the Two dildo has checked that box off my life list and also provided a fun new method of manual vaginal penetration, whether alone or with a partner.

The Two is a black silicone dildo that fits over the index and middle finger.  It is hollow inside for a large portion of its depth, allowing the wearer to slip it comfortably over their own fingers and increase the length of their fingers by about 2 inches.  It also somewhat increases the width of those two fingers.  By wearing the Two, a woman spending intimate time alone with herself can more easily reach for vaginal penetration without putting as large a strain on her wrist from the awkward angle needed; this may allow a woman to more easily stimulate her own G-spot.  Or her partner could wear it to allow them to penetrate more easily or at a greater depth.  It could even be slipped on upside-down to allow for G-spot stimulation with less wrist strain!  The silicone is thin enough that heat and pressure are transmitted, allowing the penetrating partner to still get some finger sensations from the act.

The Two is a creative and interesting toy that can be particularly useful during female masturbation, but can also add some sexy new possibilities to partnered play.  It is not recommended that you use the Two for anal play, since it has no flared base and could possibly become difficult to remove from the anus.  But for vaginal play, it’s a neat new way to play with manual penetration.

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