Dec 182010

There’s something terribly intimate and sensual about painting on someone else’s body.  And it can be even more erotic if you can clean up the paints with your mouth!  Babeland’s Edible Body Chocolate is a high-quality and delicious chocolate body paint that will allow you and your partner to concoct sexy and yummy scenes with a sweet treat for both of you.

  • Toy: Edible Body Chocolate (sent by for review)
  • Type: Edible body paint, chocolate
  • Manufacturer: Babeland
  • Material: Organic sugar, organic cocoa, organic coconut oil, grape seed oil, vanilla extract, vitamin E
  • Price: $7 for a 1 oz. container, $22 for a 4 oz. container
  • SMT rating: N/A

A sweet treat for sexy play

Edible body paint can lead to all sorts of fun and intimate play between partners.  Unfortunately, a lot of the edible body paints on the market are cheaply made, full of artificial flavors and a syrupy-sweetness that can hurt the sensual experience they are supposed to encourage.  Thankfully, Babeland is here to save the day.  Made by Sweet Beauty (makers of the wonderful-smelling but not-for-eating Chocolate Body Cream and Chocolate Body Oil previously reviewed here at EI), Babeland’s Edible Body Chocolate is a high-quality and delicious body paint.

This chocolate body paint is made from mostly organic ingredients and no artificial flavors.  It has a nice smooth glide to it, more pleasing to the touch than chocolate syrups you might be at the grocery store, though not quite as easy as a massage oil’s.  Like Sweet Beauty’s Chocolate Body Cream and Chocolate Body Oil, the Edible Body Chocolate has an absolutely delectable scent; however, unlike those other two products, the edible body chocolate is actually made to be eaten!  Trace designs all over your lover’s body and lick them off, or leave sexy and tasty trails for them to follow on your own body.  Tuck it in their stocking with an IOU for a painting session.  This is just the thing to inspire a sensual and artistic foreplay session between you and your partner.

I simply can’t say enough how delicious this chocolate body paint is!  Of course, it shouldn’t be used as a sex lubricant, since it has oils and sugars that will degrade condoms and aren’t healthy for vaginas.  But it can be used all over the rest of the body for sweet, sexy art-and-intimacy times with your partner!  It’s yummy enough you might even want to sneak a finger-scoop of it as a tiny illicit treat once or twice, as well (I won’t tell!).

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  1. Babeland’s edible body chocolate rocks… Bought some last week in Seattle and LOVE it!!

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