Dec 202010

Seduction may use all the senses, but we all know that first impressions are key.  For a toy, that means that sleek, elegant, and beautiful designs can make all the difference in winning their owner’s heart!  Lelo’s Soraya is one of those toys that catches your eye from the moment you open its box, and holds your gaze with its smooth lines and metallic highlights.  The optical seduction continues once you put it to work, as it lights up during play!  Plus, nothing says “I want to please you” like giving someone a present, and this innie/outtie combination toy does just that by coming with a little brooch in its packaging.  Find out more about this premium toy from Lelo below!

  • Toy: Soraya (sent by for review)
  • Type: Innie/outtie combo, vibrator, waterproof
  • Manufacturer: Lelo
  • Material: Silicone and ABS plastic (metallic-coated)
  • Price: $199
  • SMT rating: 1 (rumbly and satisfying when low, throbbing and intense when high)

The stunning Soraya is a classy innie/outtie toy

If there is one thing Lelo knows well, it is how to make toys that are aesthetic and sophisticated-looking.  The Soraya is a gorgeous innie/outtie combination vibrator by this premium toy company, and it absolutely meets their usual high quality standards.

The Soraya is made from silicone (for the pink or black outer portion) and metallic-coated plastic, giving it a sleek design.  It’s about 8.5″ long, with 5″ of that length being insertable, and is about 1.5″ thick at its widest point.  This innie/outtie toy has two vibrating motors, one for the internal portion and one for the outer clitoral stimulator.  It’s rechargeable and totally waterproof, and it runs for about 4 hours on a full charge.  Plus it lights up when running, giving it a cool futuristic look in a dark environment.

The vibration of the Soraya is fairly intense.  In addition, the dual vibrators allow you to have a plethora of pattern options, as you can not only set the toy to buzz or pulse, but also have just one motor on, or have the motors pulse separately, or a variety of other settings.  Even on its highest setting, the Soraya is still pleasantly quiet.  The metallic loop on the holding end makes a great finger-hold (which you should use to avoid hitting the buttons by accident), and this makes the Soraya a particularly good toy of choice for those who have a weak grip and have difficulty handling other toys.

It’s important to note that the Soraya is an entirely firm toy (though the clitoral stimulator can angle up and down to more easily conform to your body) and so may not be appropriate for those who prefer softer, more flexible insertables.  Also, a thorough cleaning of this toy may be a slightly more time-consuming task than with some others, because the thin gaps around the buttons and between the metallic-plastic and silicone will require a Q-tip or similar implement in order to be totally cleaned.  Still, overall, this is a gorgeous and high-quality innie/outtie combination vibrator; yet another thumbs-up for Lelo!

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  1. Your hat may be the best thing ever! I love it! And as always your video review is fantastic as well, I always enjoy watching them.

  2. What a nifty, unique toy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love this line. It’s so gorgeous and satisfying. Just bought the Soraya and I’m obsessed. Well worth the money.

  4. Great… And LOVE the hat. Adorable!!! :)

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