Jan 212011
Tristan Taormino, Giving the Tour

Tristan Taormino, Giving the Tour

Fellow advocates for sex-positive community, and especially those of you who also do outreach and education, will want to take a good look at this!  Tristan was just ditched at the last minute as a keynote speaker at Oregon State University, after they had recently confirmed her booking.  Not only was this lost time, revenue, etc., but they have also refused to refund the travel expenses which she had already committed after their recent confirmation!  Help out Tristan by calling and emailing OSU and telling them to quit being dingleberries.  We should be able to expect them to live up to their duty, as a state university, to promote free speech and diverse education, especially that which is controversial.  And if they can’t grow some ovaries, then they should at least compensate her for her travel and time.  Remember folks, they can’t hear you shaking your head in dismay so be sure to tell them what you think of all this!  Tristan deserves our support, so please join me in standing by her.

And, if you live in Portland or know folks who do, be sure to help fill up her workshop at SheBop.  It’s worth noting that her workshops are over Valentine’s Day, which I’m assuming was also the time frame for her OSU lecture.  This is an important time of year for sex educators, financially, and it is particularly painful to have bookings cancelled then with no opportunity to replace them.

Read Tristan’s entire press release and get all of the details about what you can do.

  3 Responses to “Support Tristan Taormino – Call OSU and Tell ’em What’s What!”

  1. UPDATE:
    I called OSU’s offices yesterday and left messages requesting a response. I doubt I’ll get one, but if I do I will note it on the blog.

    Another UPDATE:
    OSU has given a response to The Examiner, but fails to respond to the verbal commitment made by the university. http://www.examiner.com/sex-relationships-in-national/update-osu-responds-tristan-taormino-modern-sex-controversy

  2. See also Charlie Glickman’s blog post, and the comments (esp the first one, from someone who is familiar with the politics of funding at a public university) :

    Oregon State U Shuts Tristan Taormino Out | Charlie Glickman http://bit.ly/hGYW0X

  3. UPDATE:
    Charlie Glickman will be taking Tristan’s place and has written his perspective on it in his blog. Be absolutely sure to scroll down and read Tristan’s response: http://www.charlieglickman.com/2011/01/oregon-state-u-shuts-tristan-taormino-out/

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