Jan 292011

Over the past few years, women’s toys have made tremendous progress in the areas of quality and design, but there haven’t been as many good options for men looking for masturbation sleeves.  The Tenga Flip offers a men’s sex toy the way it should be done: easy to clean, feels great, looks attractive, and is fun to use.  This is my most highly recommended men’s masturbation sleeve,  hands down (or wrapped around, as the case may be).

  • Toy: Flip (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: Male masturbation sleeve, washable, reusable
  • Manufacturer: Tenga
  • Material: Hard ABS plastic outside, squishy elastomer inside
  • Price: $99
  • SMT rating: N/A

Tenga Flip is everything a male masturbation sleeve should be

Tenga knows men’s toys, and the Tenga Flip is one of their most premium offerings.  This washable and reusable toy is my most highly recommended male masturbation sleeve, and a favorite of many of my male reviewing buddies.  This sleeve is tube-shaped, about 7″ long and 3″ in diameter.  The outside is made from hard ABS plastic, while the inner sleeve portion is made from thermoplastic elastomer, which is a squishy, phthalate-free product.  The sleeve splits down the middle so that it can be opened at its midpoint, making it easy to lubricate and clean.  The hard plastic holder that comes with the toy helps it stay shut and also gives it a convenient place to rest when not in use, and it doubles as a mini-drying rack for the Flip after it’s been used!

Thanks to its easy-open design, the Flip is easy to use.  Once the user is erect, you just need to open the Flip and add a good portion of lube all down its length, as well as lubricating the insertee.  Then shut the toy and slide it back into the plastic stand with its opening facing outward (as in the picture on this post), and the user can stroke to his heart’s content!  The inside of the sleeve has a variety of neat ripples, bubbly shapes, and air pockets that cause interesting sensations.  Also, the sensations vary based on where the toy is gripped; those three plastic circles you can see on the outside are three different holding points that cause subtly different sensations when they’re pressed in.  The pleasure from the Flip is more friction and sensation-oriented, rather than some other sleeves which tend to rely more on creating a strong suction.

Because of this same design, the Flip is also easy to clean!  The sleeve can just be opened in half  and put directly under the faucet.  Use antibacterial soap, of course, and you’ll need to get your fingers in there to clean some of the ridges and pockets of the toy, but even so the clean-up for the Flip is quick and easy.  Afterward, you can “hang” the Flip partially open on its holder (the directions that come with demonstrate this) to help it air-dry quickly.  It must be noted, however, that thermoplastic elastomer cannot be sterilized.  That means that the Tenga Flip should be a monogamous toy that is used with one penis and one penis only.  Of course, the user probably wouldn’t be that eager to share, anyway!

The Flip is an excellent masturbation sleeve.  It looks very attractive and not embarrassing or like something that needs to be hidden from the bedside table; at a distance, I think it sort of resembles some sort of odd IKEA lamp.  It gets rave reviews from most men, and can accommodate a wide range of penis sizes.  A rare reviewer has reported that the toy can’t accommodate his large penis, but men who will have this problem are probably already aware that their member is too large for most toys and so should consider themselves adequately warned away from the Flip, as well.

A couple more quick notes: The Flip comes in two different colors, white and black.  The white Flip has a smoother sensation, with the inner sleeve filled with more curvy shapes, and is less tight, while the black Flip has a more intense texture and is tighter.  Both are the same length and width and are highly recommended.  Finally, the directions for the Flip say that with care, this toy will last a good 50 uses, but I’ve found that they can last even longer.  I’ve known of well-loved Tenga Flips that have lasted well over a year with good care.

In summary, if you’re looking for a male masturbation sleeve, look no further!  The Tenga Flip is the highest-quality masturbation sleeve we’ve reviewed here and is an excellent premium men’s toy.

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