Jan 292011

Lovers of butt-play should definitely consider getting their hands (and butts!) on this glass buttplug from the Icicles line.  It’s a beautiful intermediate toy with a lot of great features, and a really satisfying heavy feel.   Plus, it’s a great conversation starter when guests find your glass buttplug in the dishwasher!

This hefty glass plug from the Icicles line is an excellent intermediate anal toy

This glass anal plug isn’t the first toy from the Icicles line I’ve reviewed here at Exploring Intimacy; previously, the Octopussy Dildo wowed me with its inventive and well-made design.

The Icicles plug is a moderate-sized anal toy, at 5.5″ long and 1.75″ thick at its widest.  It’s the perfect size for people who are looking to step up from their beginner’s toys, but too big for anal novices.  It’s made from Pyrex, which is non-porous and so sterilizable; it can be boiled or even put in the dishwasher to be cleaned.  Like most glass toys, the Icicles plug is super-smooth, and quite slick when lubed.  And, of course, it’s quite pretty!

Its glass nature makes the Icicles plug a bit weighty, giving it a nice heft and substantial feel when inserted.  The finger-loop on the end makes it easy to handle, even when your hand is slick with lube.  It has a nice curved shape that makes it excellent for prostate stimulation on guys.  Some women may also  find it gives good G-spot stimulation, even when inserted anally. And, as with all glass toys, the fact that glass holds temperatures well makes for interesting play possibilities, as immersing the toy in hot or cold water can give an interesting extra sensation to its insertion.

Like all glass toys, care must be taken to ensure that this plug stays fully intact.  Pyrex is a very sturdy material, but if it does happen to get a chip or crack, it needs to be disposed of immediately.  If you’re washing it by hand in a sink, make sure to lay down a hand towel at the bottom of the sink to keep the toy from chipping if you drop it.

Again, this is an excellent intermediate-level anal toy, and isn’t recommended for beginners due to its larger size and heft.  In addition, folks who are particularly shy about their anus may feel a little self-conscious about this plug, since it’s a see-through glass.  This embarrassment is largely misplaced, though, since the curved shape of the toy means that you can’t really use it to see inside the anus; at most, you’ll see some skin tone.

Overall, the Icicles glass plug is an excellent glass anal toy for those who have used anal toys before and are looking for something a little classier with some nice size and weight to it.

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  1. Nice review – I like the looks of that one!

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