Jan 312011

Too often, our society tends to ignore the sexuality of pregnant women.  For some reason, we all seem to want to pretend that sexy, sensual ladies will suddenly stop craving physical intimacy for nine months!  But for those of us who know that being pregnant doesn’t stop the sex drive (it may even enhance it!), Your Orgasmic Pregnancy provides an entertaining and educational guide to having great sex even with a bun in the oven.

Your Orgasmic Pregnancy is an upbeat and engaging read

At about 175 pages paperback, Your Orgasmic Pregnancy isn’t an intimidating medical volume that is set on giving you all the technical details of childbirth.  Instead, this engaging and quick-reading book gives a great relational look at how pregnancy and childbirth can affect the sex drive and ways to best enjoy the sensuality of a pregnant partner.

Your Orgasmic Pregnancy gives a good look at what aspects of pregnancy can be sensual.  It gives the low-down on each trimester and its effects on the body in casual, easy language, and also includes a section on sex after pregnancy.  Helpful sidebars help the pregnant partner understand what their long-term partner may be feeling during the pregnancy, and likewise other subsections directed at the non-pregnant partner give advice on what can be done to help the pregnant partner emotionally, mentally, and physically.

While the book has a nice relational focus, a good portion of it will also be helpful for pregnant ladies who are single or in (a) casual relationship(s).  Additionally, Your Orgasmic Pregnancy gets a huge thumbs-up from me for embracing a variety of sexualities and forms of sexual expression.  The language doesn’t assume a particular gender for the pregnant lady’s partner, and illustrations and examples throughout the guide portray both same and opposite-sex partnerships.

Overall, Your Orgasmic Pregnancy is a highly recommendable read for pregnant women and their partners.  It’s short, easy to absorb, and has lots of good advice for lovin’ all throughout the pregnancy, as well as afterward!

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