Feb 092011

Subtly kinky toys and accessories can lead to some very hot flirting and fantasy play.  Incoqnito is looking to help you launch into some sexy roleplay with their new line of kinky goodies that could pass for vanilla items.  They recently send me the Necktie, which will be a good choice for certain kinksters with a fetish for business suit attire.  Read on and watch the video to see if this product is a good fit for you.

  • Toy: Necktie (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: Adjustable fashion necktie/light bondage leash
  • Manufacturer: Incoqnito
  • Material: Polyester and rayon, sterling silver or gold metal portion
  • Price: $54-59
  • SMT rating: N/A

The Incoqnito Necktie can be a classy way to lead your sweetie around

Before heading into this review, let me share a caveat that Incoqnito sent me with regards to their toys: all of their subtly-kinky toys are meant as kinky “fashion accessories,” and are not suitable for hardcore S&M folks who would put a lot of stress and strain on the toys.  This applies to all three of the Incoqnito toys I’m reviewing.  So, just you’re heading into your Incoqnito accessories on the right foot, keep in mind that they’re fantasy items, meant for light play and not for big scenes.

The Incoqnito Necktie appears at first glance to be exactly what it sounds like: a fashion necktie made out of nice, slightly shiny black fabric, with either a sterling silver or a gold “knot.”  It’s cute and fashionable, and the metal slider means that you don’t have to know about full-Windsors or anything else regarding tying a tie.  You just slide the metal bit up and down to change the size of the neck hole and shorten or lengthen the tie.  But the naughty side to this nice fashion statement is that the Necktie isn’t just meant to be worn, it’s also meant to function as a sexy leash!  The back of the neckhole portion of the tie unfolds to disperse pressure, and the tie is made out of a thick, sturdy fabric that will stand up to some tugging.  It’s a sexy idea, and the Incoqnito Necktie is made to stand up to some sexy pulling without getting bent out of shape (though, again, it isn’t meant for more heavy play).

I do find, however, that the Necktie runs into some sizing issues: it tends to run pretty small.  If you have a larger noggin, you might be subject to some unsexy struggling to get your head into it, even if you loosen it a bunch.  And the length of the tie will probably be shorter than a normal, professional tie on most medium-height or tall people.  For reference, I’m 5’7″ and found the tie to sit too high to pass as a real tie on myself.  It would, of course, still function as a leash even if it wouldn’t be business-appropriate, and shorter people who find most ties too long will be pleased as punch with this!

Overall, the Incoqnito Necktie is a sexy idea, and is well-made for light domination fantasies.  The biggest problem with this toy is that it may be too small (either in worn-length or to get it on over the head) for many people, and hardcore kinksters are warned to find something more heavy-duty for their more rigorous scenes.

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