Feb 092011

We’ve all heard the experts tell us that sexy lingerie is the key to confidence, no matter what you have on over it.  But what if you could send a naughty little signal to those in the know and wear your kickass accessories on the outside?  The Lash Belt offers you the opportunity to wear a light, snappy fantasy accessory as an eye-catching decorative belt.  While it’s not for heavy use, it’s sure to get your point across.

  • Toy: Lash Belt (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: Fashion accessory and light BDSM whip
  • Manufacturer: Incoqnito
  • Material: Sterling silver-plated metal, leather
  • Price: $89
  • SMT rating: N/A

The Incoqnito Lash Belt lets you wear a sexy accessory with a kinky twist

The final Incoqnito item for tonight is the Lash Belt, a leather belt with metal handles that also functions as a light whip for BDSM fantasy play.  More than anything else, this toy requires the reminder that Incoqnito does not make heavy-duty BDSM toys, but rather fashion accessories with a kinky bent.  If you are looking for a functional whip for BDSM-play, you will want to look elsewhere.
The Lash Belt is a cute, eye-catching accessory when worn as a belt.  It can be adjusted to a large variety of body sizes (you’ll need to unclip the handles to adjust it: watch the video to see how).  The metal handle is pretty, and is held together by magnets so it can be easily split to take the belt off and adjust.  Using the Lash Belt as an accessory would make it easy to go from sexy cop to bad cop in a matter of seconds in a good fantasy scene!
Unfortunately, while the Lash Belt is a pretty, naughty fashion statement, its usefulness largely ends there.  The leather is a cheap, painted quality that shows wear when the belt size is adjusted with the little metal clip.  This metal clip, by the way, must be moved to the base in order to be able to use the Lash Belt at all safely as a fantasy whip.  Personally, I also sometimes had some trouble getting the magnets to line up correctly when putting the handle back together.
If you’re looking for a fun accessory to wear out that might communicate a bit about your naughty side, then the Lash Belt will work just as you desire.  It’s cute and noticeable when worn as a belt and when turned to its whip form definitely communicates a certain carnality.  But as an actual BDSM toy, the Lash Belt is somewhat flimsy, easy to wield unsafely if you forget to move the clip, and isn’t as easy to use as one could wish.  If you’re looking for a BDSM toy, you’re advised to keep searching.

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  1. nice blog , i am from DC , submissive guy , thanks for the review i need that

    You look very pretty too

    wish you were a Domme

  2. *chuckles* Thanks, so much! I would be happy to point you toward some excellent BDSM groups in the DC area, if you’re looking for educational or social opportunities. Drop me an email!

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