Mar 022011

Different times of the month, various medical and prescription considerations, or a taste for added zip can all leave a woman wishing for a product that makes her clit stand up and take notice.  Arousal gels and creams dialate blood vessles and wake up nerves to make us more orgasmic, but it isn’t always easy to find one with organic ingredients that is body-friendly (for most women) and works well with condoms.  Thankfully, Blossom Organics is here with just the thing.

  • Toy: Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel (sent by for review)
  • Type: Organic arousal gel, water-based, paraben-free, artificial frangrance, dye, and flavoring-free
  • Manufacturer: Blossom Organics
  • Material: Organic ingredients including aloe and glycerin
  • Price: $18
  • SMT rating: N/A

Blossom Organics gives an organic arousal gel with some good zing

Like the lube by Blossom Organics, Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel is made with body safety and comfort in mind.  Its ingredients are organic and largely body-safe.  Unlike their natural lube, Blossom’s arousal gel does contain some glycerin; on the other hand, arousal gel is made to be used in such small quantities that this will probably only cause problems in people who are severely sensitive to this ingredient.  It’s water-based, and so is condom-compatible.
Pure Pleasure is what I’d term a medium-intensity arousal gel.  It gives a good tingle and makes touch much more intense in the applied area, which could lead to easier orgasms.  This gel has a quite stronger intensity than the Sliquid arousal gel we reviewed last year, so if you felt that the Sliquid brand wasn’t powerful enough, this may be more up your alley.  As an added nice touch, the bottle has a little pump to make it easier to get the gel out and on your fingers.
A couple of important caveats apply to all arousal gels and so should be noted for the Pure Pleasure gel as well. First, arousal gel is not lube.  It shouldn’t be used in place of lube, but rather a small amount should be added to an already pre-lubricated area.  Trying to use this as your sole or main form of lubrication will likely be uncomfortable for everyone involved.  Relatedly, arousal gels should always be applied a little bit at a time, with small extra increments added if the first wasn’t enough.  Since arousal gel gets absorbed to the body in order to work, it can’t be washed off if you end up putting on an uncomfortable amount, so it’s better to start slow.  Finally, women who are very sensitive, who have been treated for cancer (especially abdominal cancer), or menopausal and post-menopausal women may find arousal gels to be too intense or irritating due to the peppermint oils they contain.
Blossom Organics’ Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel is a solid medium-intensity arousal gel that can help stimulate and seduce your body into easier orgasms or just set your hearts and bits aflutter with happy feelings.  Unless you are several sensitive to glycerin or in the list of more sensitive populations above, this product may be just right for a sexy addition to your pleasure.

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