Mar 222011

Liberator has been selling a wide range of big ol’ sex positioning cushions for some time now.  But recently, they’ve also started selling cute little sex cushions that can blend in with your bedding, but still give your derrière a lift.  The Liberator Heart Wedge is, appropriately enough, a small, heart-shaped wedge cushion that can help female receivers angle their hips for more comfortable penetration or better G-spot stimulation, and make it easier on a thrusting partner’s back regardless of whose genitals are where.

  • Toy: Heart Wedge (sent by for review)
  • Type: Sex cushion, water-resistant cover
  • Manufacturer: Liberator
  • Material: Pillow is polyurethane foam, removable cover is soft polyester with water-resistant liner
  • Price: $55

The Liberator Heart Wedge is an adorable and comfortable way to give just a little bit more height to your hips

For most people, the Liberator brand name brings to mind big sex-positioning cushions on which a person can fit most or all of their body.  But they’ve begun branching into smaller, more travel-friendly positioning pillows, of which their Heart Wedge is an excellent example.  The Heart Wedge is, unsurprisingly, a cute heart shape, with the point end lower to the ground and the rounded ends about 7″ high.  It’s 13″ x 19″ at its widest points, so it’s just big enough to fit under someone’s butt and hips, and wouldn’t look out of place on a couch or a bed as an accent pillow.
The Heart Wedge comes with two covers, one of which is removable and machine-washable, and the one underneath, which is water-resistant.  This makes for easy cleanup, adding to the Heart Wedge’s usefulness as a simple travel cushion.  It comes in red and black, and the cover has a nice velvety feel.   It’s just right for getting the receiver’s hips up slightly to ease penetration in a face-to-face position.
The Heart works best on stable surfaces, like a firm bed or the floor. On more wobbly surfaces, it proves itself to be a bit unstable.  Some testers felt comfortable and stable on the cushion, but others felt a bit in danger of tipping over; watch the video to get a better low-down on what testers thought.  Since it’s a small cushion, it doesn’t make a huge difference in the height of the hips–a few inches at most–and isn’t useful for propping up the hips for doggy-style sex.  This isn’t a flaw so much as a simple factor of its size; bigger Liberator cushions are available for those to whom these aspects are important.
The Heart Wedge is a cute, portable and easy to use and clean sex cushion that helps with those “not quite right” positioning situations.  It doesn’t lend itself to the more aerobatic positions that larger Liberator cushions advertise, but it’s a nice little accessory to help with face-to-face penetration and to spice up your bed.

  3 Responses to “Liberator Heart Wedge gets your hips in place”

  1. I love my Heart Wedge, it’s so useful. I even use it to elevate my hips when I’m laying on my stomach to do homework on my bed.

  2. Luckily Liberator has decided to add the Heart Wedge to their Home Decor Series so even though it started as a limited edition item its fixed to be around for a while.. The Ramp is just a little too high for the length of my thighs and the Heart Wedge is five inches shorter.. .Like all Liberator pieces the Heart Wedge is made of a firm but soft champagne foam core covered by a layer of water-resistant nylon and an outer luxurious layer that is easily unzipped and tossed in the wash when it gets dirty.

  3. Love it! Great review and great video review! You always are so sweet in your reviews. I enjoy watching your video reviews more than anyone elses!

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