Apr 252011

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Over the last several years I have supervised a number of interns as research assistants, but not for my private practice.  Shanna Katz recently posted her own call for interns and, after speaking with her, I have decided to do the same.  Please help by spreading the word on both of our calls!

Dr. Ruth Neustifter, MSSW-MFT is currently accepting applications for interns during the Summer ’11 and Fall ’11 semesters.  Internships may be for durations from 1 semester to 1 calendar year in length.   Please see the below requirements and general information.  You are encouraged to apply promptly, as internship positions for the Summer and Fall semester will be filled on a rolling basis. Please note that it is NOT necessary to be a student to apply!


  • All applicants must be 21+, with the exception of college students.  If this internship is part of your studies, then the cut-off is 18+.  This is purely to cover my butt, and I regret the inconvenience caused by the sexually conservative nature of our culture (in so many ways).
  • Applicants must have reliable, private access to high speed internet.
  • There is no residency requirement for this internship; international applicants are welcome.
  • Excellent English language skills, especially written.
  • Proficient in Skype, Google Docs, WordPress and Mac OS.  Preferred: access to Mac computer.
  • Available 10 hours per week. Schedule is flexible with the exception of twice-monthly progress and planning meetings.  Allotted time must be available each week (except scheduled vacation time).
  • Educational/professional background in, or demonstrated dedication to, sex-positive, inclusive outreach philosophy.  Current students seeking internship hours for academic requirements are preferred.
  • Applications can only be accepted from those with whom an internship would not create an unethical dual relationship.  Unfortunately I cannot accept applications from family, close friends, or clients.

Summary of Duties:

  • Marketing Intern: Create, document and execute basic social media marketing plan utilizing (but not limited to) existing social media base and strengths-based approach.  Focus on small/medium tour/event promotion. Create, document and execute design series for printed and online promotional materials series.  Update WordPress website.
  • Graphics/Design Intern: Create, document and execute standardized format for brief educational and review Youtube videos, including the creation of an intro and conclusion segment.  Create, document and execute design series for printed and online (non-video) promotional materials series. Update WordPress website.
  • Writing/Sexual Health Intern: Create, document and execute copy for series of sexual well-being educational outreach materials (printed and video) for online dissemination (video, podcast and written).  Create, document and execute copy for printed and online (non-video) promotional materials series.  Editing duties for existing writing. Update WordPress website.  Opportunity to co-author academic journal article submissions for second or third authorship credit in the areas of sexual well-being and/or intimate partner violence, using Dr. Neustifter’s existing research data.


There is no payment available for this position at this time.  However, interns are deeply valued and will be offered the following forms of compensation.

  • Free membership in the Sex-Positive Professionals Group (a mentorship and community group facilitated by Dr. Ruth Neustifter) for the duration of the internship.
  • An additional 1 hour per month of private coaching or mentorship related to your sex-positive professional development, writing mentorship, assistance in writing for academic journal publication, qualitative research mentorship, or other professional areas that may benefit from Dr. Neustifter’s areas of expertise.
  • The opportunity to co-present, assist and/or attend live events in your area and/or online events.
  • The opportunity to have your writing published on this site.
  • Documentation of your internship which you may submit to your university for academic credit or use in your job hunting efforts.  Use of your work for your own portfolio development.  If you are seeking academic credit you, must be aware of the requirements of your college and university, and you must communicate them to me to fully in your application.

Application Requirements:

Submit the following to ExploringIntimacy@gmail.com, with “Internship Application” in the subject line.  You can expect to receive confirmation of your application within 1 week.  Interviews will be held by Skype between May 16 and June 17, at which time final decisions will be made.  You will be informed of your standing at that time, whether or not you have been accepted.  If an earlier decision is required for your academic program, please make that clear in the body of your email – early decisions may be possible for that reason.

  • Updated resume or CV.
  • Design/marketing portfolio or writing sample, as appropriate.
  • Cover letter of no more than 1 single-spaced page describing your fit for this position, and how it would benefit you.
  • Your contact information.
  • All materials must be in .doc, .pdf, .jpg, or online (google docs or other website).  For online materials, paste your cover letter into the body of your email and include links to the required materials.

Thanks, and good luck!

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