May 082011

To the women who realized that it wasn’t the right time to be a mom, thanks for making that unrecognized sacrifice.

To the folks who don’t have a mom to celebrate, you offer the world a model of incredible, silent strength today.  Thank you.

To those whose mother wasn’t able to be the kind of mom that folks are celebrating today, thank you for taking that role upon yourself.

To the moms who are separated from their children by choice, loss, or the cruelty of life, thank you for holding them in your hearts when they can’t be in your arms.

To the women who want so much to be mothers but aren’t, that empty space inside overflows with your grace, strength and perseverance.  Thank you.

To every mother, aunt, girlfriend, partner, nurse, grandmother, wife, daughter and caregiver who is still putting in more than a full day of momming today, thank you for pushing on.

To the women who redefine themselves by becoming mothers, who trade their name for “mom”, who sacrifice more than anyone stops to realize, who strive to make the world a better place by creating a new generation of hope and possibility against all odds, thank you.

To every woman, thank you.


Dr. Ruthie

  4 Responses to “A Letter to Every Woman on Mother’s Day”

  1. Very well said! This post was heart-warming.

  2. This is beautiful! xoxo

  3. I have to ask… What about the women who choose not to become a mother, ever (And don’t see it as a sacrifice, but as a blessing)?

  4. Remi – Being a member of that group myself, I’d say that I’m doing ok without a letter like this to recognize me. But, if you feel differently then go for it!

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