Jul 032011

Most of the time, I prepare for conferences by nerding up with lots of articles, picking up a fresh notebook and a few good pens (anyone want to contribute an ipad to my cause?), readying my digital slides and packing layers for those ever-frigid presentation rooms.  It’s a different story when I’m off to a sex-positive event like Floating World!  Suitcases are fewer, presentation outfits are much more creative, comfy shoes or no shoes are the rule, and at least one piece of luggage is usually dedicated to fun freebies like these!  FunWares has generously sent me this gorgeous box of seductive tingly lip glosses, stimulating Tenga Egg toys, and delightful flavored dental dams.  Yay!  And you guessed it: I’m the lucky educator who gets to share all of these goodies with workshop attendees.  The condoms were a purchase I made – 100 unlubricated condoms for teaching safer oral sex skills, and for folks who want to avoid the silicone lube that typically comes with lubed condoms.  If you’re not yet in the know, that dab of silicone lube can put unwelcome wear on beloved silicone dildos and prosthetics.

Yep, Floating World is not your typical educational event, or at least not the ones I cut my teeth on as a grad student with a CV to build.  At events such as these, the days and evenings are filled with some of the most breath-taking, entertaining and applicable sex ed from some of the finest fellow educators in the world.  And the nights?  They’re educational and entertaining in… other ways. And the outfits get even better!

Many thanks to FunWares for helping me spice up my presentations at FloatingWorld.  Will I be seeing you there this year?

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