Jul 032011

The card states: I don't know how to masturbate.

First thing every Sunday morning I bumble over to my laptop and check out the newest PostSecret pieces.  They often give me pause to think, and sometimes they make go hug someone as soon as possible.  But this one is making me obsess a bit.  On the front it bares the text “I don’t know how to masturbate.”  According to the PostSecret URL (which often has extra information), the back asks if anyone else has the problem.   I wish I had a way to contact the person who submitted this question and tell them yes. No matter your gender, sexuality, or anatomy… yes.  Many, many folks have the same problem.  Even better than not being alone is the news that there are many wonderful resources to help you learn how, when and if you want to.  Patient, kind, caring sexual well-being educators who don’t judge in the least are reading your card and hoping that you’ll contact them.  I know I am.  We each deserve to enjoy our sexual energy and pleasure, regardless of our past experiences (or lack of experience).  Am I right or am I right?!

Information on how to masturbate, from Scarleteen.

Betty Dodson writes about masturbation on her blog and has affordable ebooks on how to orgasm, not to mention some very fine DVDs on the topic.  She also offers sex coaching.



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