Aug 152011

  • Toy: Forbidden Fruit (sent by for review)
  • Type: Hard plastic vibrator in the size and shape of a vibrant red apple
  • Manufacturer: Riannes
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Price: $119 (but on sale for $89.99 at the time of this post)
  • SMT rating: 1, but remember it’s an outtie so it you won’t be inserting it.

Ever fancied yourself an seductive evil queen, an innocent maiden, or perhaps Eve discovering something delightful to share with Adam (or Lilith)?  Perhaps you just prefer a classy vibrator you can leave on your nightstand when the dog-sitter comes over, or you’re looking for the most daring conversation starter at the Halloween party this year.  This lovely outtie vibe will give you a taste of pleasure, regardless!

The Forbidden Fruit vibrator was sent to me for review form, and is it ever a pretty little thing!  It feels sturdy in the hand and is clearly well made, complete with decadent packaging.  Made of ABS plastic with a flexible green stem, it sits in a stately domed container that also functions as its charging station, thanks to a port in the back.  It has seven function settings, all controlled by manipulating the stem side to side: steady on, 3 wave patterns, and 3 intermittent patterns.  All of those settings can be adjusted for intensity by pushing the stem up and down.  Holding the stem in for several seconds turns it on and off.  The vibration offers a steady rumbling sensation in a middle-to-lower pitch of vibration and it does get quite strong at the higher speeds.  A red light shines when buttons are pressed and when it needs a recharge.  Just be sure not to leave this apple charging for more than 24 hours, and to give it a curtousy charge if you haven’t used it in a month for whatever reason.


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