Jun 292012

sex-positive word jumble

I was recently asked to offer a brief definition of sex-positivity over chat.  This is what I came up with off the top of my head, plus a line or two I just added. I thought it might be useful to share.

The Sex-Positive perspective approaches sexuality and sexual diversity from a strengths-based approach.  It sees sexuality and sexual diversity as healthy, normal components of life and identity.  It also recognizes sexuality and sexual diversity as one of many sources of health and healing.  Many sex-positive folks strive to use avoid language that suggests sexism, homophobia, heteronormism, ageism, size-ism, or other forms of harmful sexual norming or degrading.  It contrasts traditional medical and pathology-based approaches that consider sexuality and sexual diversity mainly from the perspective of illnesses and the potential for harm, and that try to establish a limited, externally defined standard of sexual and behavioral health and normalcy. The sex-positive approach respects the ability for folks to decide whether or not to engage in sexual activity, and (if so) how and when they wish to.  The sex-positive approach respects an unlimited number of reasons for having consensual sex, including for fun, romance, profit, healing, expression, spirituality, personal growth, and more.  It is not necessary to engage in sexual activity at all, much less be a sexual explorer, to be sex-positive.   It is only necessary to see sex and sexual diversity as some of the many healthy aspects of life and identity.

I turn to fabulous Charlie Glickman for great writing on this topic.  If you’re new to his writing on sex-positivity, you might start here.

How do you define “sex-positive”?  Where do you turn to for definitions?

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  1. We at GetLusty agree 100% with this definition! We are big fans of your and Charlie Glickman’s work, keep it up!

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