Mar 082013

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If you happen to be following me on facebook or twitter, you might have already heard the big news:

I’m now living and working in Ontario, Canada!

After spending the last several years in the Washington, DC area, I was offered a wonderful position as a full-time, tenure track faculty member at a major university.  They were specifically seeking someone with a background in family therapy, which have I began teaching in 2008, as well as someone with a specialization in sexuality.  After applying, being called for interview, and receiving an author we decided to relocate and build a new home there.  We moved up in December, I began teaching in January, and now I am about two months into my new position.  I couldn’t be happier and am so fortunate to be able to focus on sexual well-being as well as survivors of intimate violence in an environment where I am supported and encouraged.  Yay!

So what does this mean for the blog, my workshops around North America, my writing, and more?  Well, it means more of all the good stuff, since I am no longer focusing on sexuality in my “spare” time.  I am taking 2013 off from all major sexuality events and conventions (the kind for the public vs. academics) in order to a running start with returning to more academic and professional presenting.  However, I plan to return to select public sexuality events in 2014 and will be sure to share that schedule as it happens.  This year I have already presented two workshops at the IFTA International Family Therapy World Congress, one on working with kinky and/or poly relationships, and the other on my research with survivors of intimate partner violence.  Later this year I will be offering a poster on kinky/poly relationships and a workshop on working with various demographics at AASECT.  I have one more conference at which I’m hoping to present, but am still awaiting the results.  Plus, I’m offering a workshop just for select high school students on designing your own statement of sex-positivity!  I am also diving into some exciting research and academic writing, which I couldn’t be happier about.  Plus, you know, if you’re a grad student who might like to study under me, you can always apply to our program!

Alright, I think that should bring all of you up to date for now.  I’m happy to field any questions!

Dr. Ruthie

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