About Dr. Ruthie


Dr. Ruth Neustifter is a recognized relationship expert specializing in sexual well-being and education as well as recovery from intimate partner violence. She works with a diverse range of individuals and relationships, conducts original research, offers workshops, and is available for professional consultation.

Ruth Neustifter is an assistant professor and graduate faculty member at the University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada) in the Couples & Family Therapy program.  She holds a doctoral degree in Child & Family Development with specializations in Couples and Family Therapy and Qualitative Research.  Ruth has a growing list of publications in academic journals as well as in the mainstream press and continues to create original research in her areas of interest.

She began her training, research and work in the areas of relationships, sexuality and recovery from intimate partner violence in the mid-90s. Since then she has taught and presented in venues ranging from independent sexuality boutiques to university classrooms and international conferences. Her writing can be found throughout the internet and in publications including the Journal of Feminist Family Therapy and The International Journal of Sexual Health.

Affectionately known by her clients and co-workers as Dr. Ruthie, she makes her home in Guelph, Ontario with her partner and pets. Although she is current unable to accept new clients, she continues to offer professional consultation services to mental health practitioners and other health, outreach, and advocacy professionals.