Jun 282013
Bert and Ernie are seen from the back, snuggling, while watching an antique TV showing the Supreme Court Justices.  This is a cover from The New Yorker's early July issue.

Bert and Ernie are seen from the back, snuggling, while watching an antique TV showing the Supreme Court Justices. This is a cover from The New Yorker’s early July issue. Click the cover for more info.

I saw this picture today and suddenly there were tears on my face.  Bert and Ernie were an important part of my childhood and I want to do right by them (and by Mr. Rogers).  This image fills me with pride at our slow, spotty progress… as well as the need to apologize for taking so long with this on-going struggle.

Sometimes during conversations about coming out we’ll all start talking about when and how we realized that being straight was ok and being queer was socially unwelcome. I usually say that I was a late bloomer with figuring this out. When I was a kid I thought that people just lived with people they loved, whether it was platonic love or otherwise. I had no idea that gender was a big part of it for many folks. I had an aunt who lived with her mother and cared for her. My neighbors were a het couple that weren’t married and had no kids. Bert and Ernie were obviously a great pair, whatever their relationship. Same for Snuffy and Big Bird, who I assumed were at least having sleep over parties together. My parents and I all loved each other and lived together.  I reasoned that when you share sleeping space it means you trust the other person, maybe like to share jokes and giggle when you’re supposed to be asleep, and don’t care if the other person sees what you look like first thing in the morning.

My point in sharing all this is that sometimes I hear parents (more so in the US than Canada) share their fears of having to explain same sex-relationships to their kids, and that it will somehow ruin their innocence. And yet I look back on that part of my childhood as one of the most magical, wonderful examples of innocence. I was innocent of the societal judgement over who gets to love who, whatever form that love may take. What is there to explain? Lots of different people love each other, and sometimes they also live together. We should be happy when others are happy.

Although the process of breaking that blissful ignorance involved a series of publicly humiliating events (like asking for a definition of “homosexual” in 8th grade science class -who knew there were such categories?!), I am glad I hung onto the belief that everybody loved love in all its forms. I’m especially grateful that I can still remember believing that.  It gives me a vision of a world I want to help create, even if we don’t get all the way there during my lifetime.

Nov 102009

You’ve likely seen the bloody, macho promos with smooth graphics for Dragon Age: Origins on TV, and heard the saucy tag line of “Not Every Hero is Pure.” But, just what is this popular new video game doing that you probably won’t see on the television commercials? Dragon Age: Origins is seducing audiences in a fresher, sexier way than its competition by including luscious, highly suggestive imagery of gay and lesbian elven sex scenes.

While past popular video games have included sexual violence in order to gain popularity, maker Bioware is going in a different direction. Both the female on female and the male on male elf sex scenes contain a romantic collection of brief clips, with opportunities for limited conversation about the interludes. Far be it from me to search for deep meaning in video games, but the progressive eye candy does strike me as a creative way to normalize nonviolent queer sex for gamers of every generation.

Watch video clips of the gay and lesbian sex scenes from Dragon Age: Origins here and here.

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Nov 112008

Stu Rasmussen is the Mayor of Silverton, Oregon and also the first out trans mayor!  Stu says he always wanted breasts, and so went out and got himself some, along with some heels, dresses and lovely jewlery.  This CNN video clip gives some great interview questions with Stu, who says he likes being a heterosexual man who looks like a woman.  I’m especially touched by the people who drop by during the interview to say hello and congratulate Stu.

Ruth N.

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Oct 062008

Contemporary singer John Barrowman‘s newest video for What About Us comes out in the states on November 17, but has already been released in the UK, which means we all get to watch it now. The song is what Ben and I would term “soooo smooth”. It’s perfectly matched by the video which features two distressed couples (therapy term for you, there) as they struggle to focus on prioritizing their relationship instead of their individual differences. The video features a straight couple and a male/male gay couple mirroring each other’s concerns and efforts throughout the day.

John is Scottish (although he did some growing up in IL) and has worked as an actor and musician. Fans of the BBC will know his acting well. He was 2006’s Stonewall Entertainer of the Year, and recently adopted an adorable puppy named Harris with his partner, Scott Gill.

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Sep 102008

Ellen and Portia’s beautiful wedding video came out on YouTube. Take a look, and be sure to turn on your audio in order to enjoy the background music. It got me a little misty eyed! Miss their wedding announcement and pap pics? They weren’t nearly as nice, but you can find them – here

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Jul 242008
Thomas Beatie & Little Susan Jullette

Thomas Beatie & Little Susan Jullette

Thomas Beatie, the no longer pregnant “Pregnant Man,” is in People Magazine with his 3 week old baby daughter, Susan Jullette. What a cute father-daughter picture! According to People, Susan took 40 hours of labor and was born the old fashioned way. It cracks me up to write that about a man giving birth. Anyway, all are well and happy and Nancy is doing the breast feeding after inducing lactation with hormones and a breast pump.

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