Jun 232009


One of Ms.Marthas Beautiful Creations

One of Ms.Martha's Beautiful Creations

Ms. Martha is a well known and highly respected expert with a passion for dressing ladies and gentlemen in only the finest corsets.  I first met Ms.Martha at an event in Atlanta several years ago, when I purchased my first high quality corset from her and she taught me all about how to wear and care for it.  It is an honor to be able to share her thoughts and knowledge with you in this week’s kink interview on the art and power of corsets!  Continue on to read more and see several of her gorgeous creations and their lovely models.

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Nov 212008

Tis Better to Give AND Receive!

'Tis Better to Give AND Receive!

It’s time for this month’s Flirty Friday workshop already! Tonight I’ll be bringing deliciously explicit tips and tricks for pleasing your lover. Design your own book of sex coupons with the ideas from this workshop, and make plans to wrap yourself up in a bow for your lover! We’ll be focusing on lighting your partner’s fire with your lips, fingers, and even toys.

For those of you have attended my workshops already, you know that I’m all about your pleasure and this workshop will be no exception. Together, we’ll explore ways in which giving pleasure can lead to a healthy, happy return on that investment for you, too. Questions are always welcome, and workshops are built to respond to what you want to try in your own relationships (present or future). All women are welcome, so we will be talking about pleasing all genders. I can hardly wait!

A bit of a sneak preview of topics for tonight:

  • positions for giving the deepest “kisses”
  • vaginal exercises for increasing muscle tone and tightness
  • advanced tips for manual pleasuring
  • planning your own exotic peep show
  • using vibes and stimulating products on your partner, front and back

We’ll start at 7:30 sharp and wrap it up at 9:00pm on 11/21 at Aphrodite’s Toy Box. Cost is $25, with a discount available for students with ID. Reservations are required, so grab a friend and call up Aphrodite’s Toy Box right away at 404-292-9700.

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Oct 062008

Kim Kardashian shows off her assets

**Update 2: Kim’s butt photo seems to be keeping this little post alive.  We’re done with workshops for 2008 and the 2009 schedule is not yet set with Aphrodite’s Toy Box.  Drop me a line to schedule your own event!**

** Note: Next Flirty Friday Workshop is Friday November 21st on the art of giving pleasure with fingers, lips and toys! RSVP right away to save a spot. Info is below, with the same times, place, and phone. See you there! ***

Our next Flirty Friday workshop is coming up soon! We’ll be talking about anal pleasure at Aphrodite’s Toy Box (of Atlanta) on October 10th, starting at 7:30pm sharp.

That’s right, our next sex ed adventure is all about “Backing It Up.” If you’re curious about the many pleasures and practices related to anal play or want to know more than you already know, this is the class for you. The class fee is $25 and a student discount is available. You must pre-register so call Aphrodite’s Toy Box at 404-292-9700 to make it happen.

Aug 302008
Dr. Susan Lee, Lawrence Siegel & Richard Siegel will be Presenting in Atlanta this Month

Richard Siegel, Dr. Susan Lee & Lawrence Siegel will be Presenting in Atlanta this Month

Fellow sex nerds, the fall conference season is upon us.  Check out these two upcoming opportunities in Atlanta and Toronto for training and professional networking, after the jump.

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Aug 182008
Aphordites Toy Box Knows All About Tempting Toys

Aphordite's Toy Box Knows All About Tempting Toys

If you’ve stopped to blink, it’s quite possible that you’ve missed some of the sassiest and most creative sex toys ever to grace the erotic shopping scene! From illuminated glass dildos to specially-shaped prostate massagers to the wonders of premium silicone & metal vibes, there is no doubt that the landscapes of sexuality boutiques and their wares are changing in delicious ways.

Yesterday I wrote about my interview with Sexshop365’s Gary Waudby, and the evolution of online sex toy shopping. While net-based vendors offer a wonderful world of browsing and decadence, there is certainly something to be said for visiting your local sex boutique (if you are fortunate enough to have one) to browse, chat with the staff, and even participate in educational and social events! If you happen to be in the Atlanta area on September 5th, then I would like to invite you drop by Aphrodite’s Toy Box where Ruth (that’s me!) of Exploring Intimacy will be offering her Tempting Toys intimacy workshop from 7:30-9:00pm. Tickets are available now, so drop by Aphrodite’s or call them at (404) 292-9700. Until there, here is a bit about what we’ll be exploring together on Sept. 5!

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