Dec 022011

Welcome to number two in my series dedicated to helping plush, fat, BBW, BHM and otherwise luscious bodied folks with comfy and accessible sex positions! Be sure to watch #1, as well, because my stick figure drawings are just that excellent. Have fun!

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Dec 012011

I get pretty regular requests for help with sex position suggestions for folks with larger bodies or other positioning concerns.  You know how much I want ya’ll to have fun getting laid, so I made a set of videos that show case my fine stick figure drawing skills in order to help you try some new positions.  Enjoy!

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Apr 122011

Folks with big butts and bellies know the story all too well: You’re flipping through a sex position guide, only to nix one position after another because it’s made for lanky-bodied yoga couples with a hugely endowed male.  If only it were possible to move that phallus onto the lap somehow, it’d open up a whole new world!  That’s exactly what the thigh harness does without any freakish permanent surgery.  So strap up and invite your sweetie to ride on your knee for awhile.

  • Toy: Thigh Harness (sent by for review)
  • Type: Dildo harness, Velcro, up to 21″ thigh
  • Manufacturer: Sport Sheets
  • Material: Black neoprene with Velcro
  • Price: $32
  • SMT rating: N/A

The Sport Sheets Thigh Harness opens up possibilities for lots of fun, sensual positions

Let’s face it–many fun-seeming sex positions are, in fact, difficult to get into and uncomfortable to use.  There are entire lines of sex cushions and other products that assist in achieving a greater variety of sexual positions, but sometimes the problem isn’t getting your and your sweetie’s bodies into the correct positions, but rather the inability to achieve penetration once you’re there.  Straddling a seated partner, for example, may not work as well as you’d hope if one or both of you have a larger belly, or the seated partner isn’t overly well-endowed.  Well, thanks to Sport Sheets, you and your partner can now try a whole gamut of new positions, using their comfortable and sexy thigh harness!
The Sport Sheets thigh harness is a stretchy black neoprene wrap with Velcro to attach it to itself.  It can fit up to a 21″ thigh, and has an opening that allows dildos of up to 1″ wide (if they have enough of a base to be strap-on compatible).  The neoprene is washable (a must for any useful sex accessory), and the wrap is easy to put on and comfortable to wear.  It holds the dildo solidly against the thigh so that you don’t have difficulty with a wobbly toy making penetration difficult.   While it goes up to 21″, the harness’s design makes it easily fit a variety of thigh sizes up to that maximum.
Used on the thigh, the Sport Sheets harness opens up a lot of seriously hot positions.  You can get the sexiest lap dance ever from your partner as they ride the dildo on your toy, or you can use the harness to make face-to-face grinding intercourse easier by avoiding the back strain of grinding your hips for a long period of time.  Furthermore, a creative mind can find other places to put the harness, either on a person, or on objects such as a pillow or stuffed animal to allow for fun solo play.  People with limited mobility may also find the thigh harness useful for allowing penetration with less full-body movement required.
The Sport Sheets harness is excellently made.  The only major qualm that one might have is that it only accepts dildos that are up to 1″ wide, so those with a favorite large toy won’t be able to use it with this.  The neoprene gets a little nappy and fuzzy where it has been attached to the Velcro–this doesn’t make any functional difference, but for those super-concerned about aesthetics, it may be bothersome.  Other than that, the Sport Sheets is a sexy, fun accessory that can introduce a lot of variety in positioning and activities for both partnered and solo play.
Nov 032010

Continuing the video series from last week, Dr. Ruthie is back to give you even more ideas for fun and intimate positions that won’t put too much strain on your body.  Thanks so much to FunWares for making this educational series on sex and pleasure possible!

Oct 242010

Sex can be fun, intimacy-enhancing, relaxing, exciting, draining, and have tons of other effects on us.  It can also, sometimes, be strenuous!  Sometimes we can find it hard to find a position that not only feels good, but that we can hold and move around in comfortably without straining or wearing ourselves out.  Lucky for you, Dr. Ruthie is here to share some comfortable sex positions that will help you and your partner get your groove on without throwing your back out.  Thanks so much to FunWares for making this educational series on sex and pleasure possible!