Dec 162011

In 2009 a new version of the female condom was introduced.  The Female Condom 2 is made of synthetic nitrile, instead of the old polyurethane.  Why did they change the material?  Is anything else different about this version?  Dr. Ruthie and tell you about the switch over and show you more about how to use Female Condoms.

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Nov 232010

You all know that I am a lube snob, and that I advocate using a good, high-quality lube whenever things get hot and heavy.  But I admit that sometimes it’s not too convenient to carry around a bottle of your favorite slick stuff just in case the mood strikes!  Vacation travel can also be difficult, especially with airport security reducing the liquids people carry with them and airlines raising prices for checked luggage to make it more and more difficult to bring your sex supplies with you.  Luckily for all of us, Babeland is offering the Goodie Bag, a collection of high-quality, travel-ready lubes and condoms, for that spur-of-the-moment intimacy or vacation lovin’.  Plus, until the end of the year, $2 of every Goodie Bag purchase goes toward GLBT causes!

  • Toy:  Goodie Bag (sent by for review)
  • Type: 6 lube packets (3 different types), 2 sheer latex condoms
  • Manufacturer: Babeland
  • Material: Lubes are all glycerine-free and water-based, other ingredients vary
  • Price: $6.50

Perfect for intimacy on-the-go

Nothing makes the act of giving a gift to yourself feel even better than knowing that you’re doing something worthwhile for others at the same time.  That’s why I’m pleased that Babeland has been donating $2 from every purchase of a Babeland Goodie Bag to three GLBT causes (the National Center for Lesbian Rights, the Northwest Network of Bisexual, Trans, Lesbian & Gay Survivors of Abuse, and the New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project), and will continue to make these donations for any Goodie Bag purchased before the end of the year.
Of course, there’s more to the Goodie Bag than social outreach; you’re also getting the perfect set of travel-sized lubes and a couple condoms!  So many people share with me their interest in spontaneous intimacy with themselves or their partners; sneaking some quick loving into everyday situations gives a titillating sense of taboo, and sharing it with a partner can make one feel seductive and irresistible.  The problem with such spontaneity is, of course, that you might not always have the supplies on-hand to facilitate your intimacy.  That’s what makes the little one-shot lube packets provided in the Goodie Bag so perfect!  Tuck a couple into your purse or briefcase with the sheer latex condoms that also come in the Goodie Bag, and you’ll be prepared when opportunity knocks for spur-of-the-moment intimacy.  Or you can put the lube packets into your carry-on for your holiday travel without needing to worry about exceeding TSA’s guidelines for liquids.
The Goodie Bag contains 6 lube packets (2 each of 3 different brands) and a pair of sheer latex lubricated condoms.  All three brands of lube–Entice, Babelube, and Babeland Naturals Naked Lube–are glycerine-free, water-safe, and high-quality.  I’ve previously reviewed Babelube and the Naked Lube (you can find those reviews here and here), and found them both to be delightful choices for intimacy enhancement.  This is my first time encountering Entice, but I was pleased with its slickness, which made it almost feel like a silicone/water hybrid (though it’s all water-based and so safe for use with silicone toys).  The condoms are Babeland-brand lubricated sheer latex condoms, and are high-quality and ready for use.
Overall, the Goodie Bag is an excellent purchase to prepare yourself for that perfect situation to get some loving on without premeditation, or to set yourself up to go home for the holidays without giving up all your lubes or moving them to tiny bottles.  In addition, these one-use lube packets also lend themselves well to safer sex play with multiple partners, since you won’t be using the same lube bottle with several people and so don’t have to worry about inadvertent contamination through something touching the bottle.  And again, until the end of 2010, $2 of every Goodie Bag purchased will go to worthwhile GLBT causes, so it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to the chance at spontaneous intimacy!

Feb 252010

Below is my most recent Sexpert Advice post at the wonderful comprehensive sexuality ed website for teens and young adults, Scarleteen.

Why are male condoms so big? I understand that they’re designed and fitted for adult men, but it seems like they’re better suited for covering an overripe banana. Do they sell smaller-sized and/or better-fitting condoms for guys?

I’m so glad that you wrote in with this question!

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Aug 122008

Female condoms are to male condoms as Grindelwald was to Dumbledore; in other words, a slandered secret. The Daily Women’s Health Policy Report has featured an update on this version of the glass slipper of our day, noting that while many women around the globe prefer it, it just isn’t being sold or used at levels anywhere near that of traditional condoms. So what is a female condom and what is this scandal all about?

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Aug 112008
Sports Makes You Health, and Horn!

Sports Make You Health, and Horn!

Several years ago I was surfing about for information on what The Olympic Village looks like, what it is like to live there, etc. What I discovered was a facet of hosting the games that I had never considered: keeping the athletes and their accompanying staff in a bottomless supply of condoms! Silly me, it had never occurred to me that all of these athletes plan on celebrating, win or lose, and we all know how it goes when people travel. Can you imagine the partying that goes on? Talk about international goodwill! That should give you something to think about while you’re doodling during your afternoon conference call, or taking the kids out shopping for backpacks. Good luck with both, by the way.

So what is China up to? Not only are they dishing out a 100,000+ free condoms, area manufacturers are having a great time developing new advertising campaigns. More info and photos after the jump!

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Aug 032008

The Guttmacher Institute, an important source of and funder for sexuality research, recently released a summary of their research on the benefits of publicly-funded family planning services. Seven million women are served by such funding every year, and it is estimated that the number of unplanned pregnancies and abortions has been cut in HALF by these services! WOW! The report offers an expanse of data and statistics in a highly readable form, providing even more evidence that the current administration is crazy for attempting to put all birth control (not just publicly-funded efforts) in danger.

Source article – here

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