Jul 312008

Let Your Luscious Lips Increase Your Pleasure

Let Your Luscious Lips Increase Your Pleasure

Continuing on the theme of lips and talking:

Cory Silverberg, one of my favorite sexuality educators, has posted a lovely article on how to increase communication to increase sexual pleasure and reduce confusion or misinterpretations. Check out his article on alerting your partner/s clearly and concisely to what you want, and making sure that you know, too.

Sex Tips For The Rest of Us: Define Your Sexual Terms – here

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Jul 092008

Let that moan fly!

Promo video by Beautiful Agony

Can you tell I love Cory Silverberg yet? If not, you haven’t been reading long. Silverberg posted a recent entry to his about.com page exploring what we know about why people moan during sex. Communication and arousal appear to be just some of the possible reasons, although Cory does invite the reader to vote for their own reasons. Since I’m a believer in the power of story sharing to educate and inspire, I’d like to share a bit of my own development in this area with you.

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Jun 232008

The Ethical Slut

The Ethical Slut, photo by the publishers: Greenery Press

I do enjoy posting about nontraditional relationships, possibly because they (as a big heterogeneous group) are far more common than traditional, nuclear families. Cory Silverberg, who I often mention here, has posted a list of books he has reviewed on the topic – here. I’m a particular fan of The Ethical Slut, especially after meeting the authors several years ago.

Jun 132008

This week Cory Silverberg, a favorite sex expert of mine, is ready to help you shop for the right sex workshop, the right sex store, and the right sex expert. The man has you covered to get uncovered! Since I’m promoting my own workshop, Romance & Finance, I figured I should link to those good tips for those of you aren’t in the Atlanta area and need to find your own local experts. Visit with me at Aphrodite’s Toybox if you can, and if you can’t, check out his suggestions.

And seriously, I do encourage you to be picky consumers of your sex information. There are no requirements out there for training or regulations for quality, so you have both the right and duty to ask what training, credentials and references your sexpert carries. You may also wish to ask what they can offer (if anything) regarding any special needs or requirements you have, from knowledge of specific physical limitations to their level of conservative or liberal-ness. Although my desire to offer positive sexuality information was the main motivator, I also began this blog to help potential workshop attendees get to know me a bit better.

As for my credentials, I review them at my main site but I can also sum them up here by letting you know that I’m on the final stages of accreditation as Sexuality Educator by AASECT, and also on the final year of my PhD in family studies. I’ve received special training in working with domestic violence survivors, LGBT individuals and families, couples and several other areas. Plus, I’ve presented at international professional conferences on my work and have a growing list of regional and national awards for my areas of study and service. Oh yeah, and I’ve been published in academic journals. If you’re that curious I can share my CV with you. ;)

And to address my level of conservativeness… well… you’ve got my blog so you can draw your own conclusions based on what you’re seeking. You’re also welcome to click “communicate” up above and drop me a line!