Jan 312011

If you’re like me, you won’t be quite sure what to expect from a movie with the title Feeling It!… Not Faking It; is it a guide to female orgasm?  A relationship advice DVD?  Nope!  Instead, it’s a delicious set of sexy vignettes that make a DVD full of female-centric erotic goodness!  Find out more about this unique adult video by watching the review or reading below.

  • Movie: Feeling It!…Not Faking It (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: Adult video, female-centric, coupled and group sex, male/female and female/female content
  • Director: Petra Joy
  • Producer: Candida Royale
  • Price: $24.99

Feeling It!...Not Faking It is a sexy series of female-centric fantasies that is low on dialogue and high on sensuality

Of course, in my job, I’ve seen a good deal of porn.  And it’s no surprise that a lot of it, after awhile, tends to look very same-y.  That’s why I’m especially pleased when an erotic video comes my way that subverts my expectations and provides a sexy viewing experience.  Bonus points if that video manages to be more inclusive and understanding of female pleasure.

Well, Candida Royale’s newest film, directed by Petra Joy, is all about female pleasure!  Feeling It!…Not Faking It is a series of sexy vignettes all inspired by common fantasies for women.  And it is a delightful adult film that makes the viewer feel comfortable and seduced, and where all the actors and actresses are obviously having a great time enjoying themselves.

Feeling It runs a bit over an hour, and is made up of short scenes with bare-bones plots that linger on bodies, foreplay, and sensuality.  Each scene contains little to no dialogue, instead focusing on faces and touches to provide an incredibly erotic viewing experience.  The participants’ moans are sometimes audible and sometimes covered by the music, depending on the fantasy being enacted, and are never obtrusive or annoyingly overdubbed.  There’s a great variety in scenes, from voyeurism fantasies to female-on-female seduction or groups of women sharing hot guys, and, of course, a couple of hot male/female couple scenes.  Feeling It starts off slowly and seductively with some quiet scenes of body-painting before launching into dirtier fantasies.

In addition to the wonderful variety of sexy scenes, Feeling It has actresses that aren’t the usual porn standards (though most tend to still be pretty slender or height-weight proportionate) and attractive male leads.  Part of this director’s mission is to not make any of her actresses or actors do things they don’t wish to do, and it shows here: clearly the cast is enjoying itself.  There are some hardcore shots–this isn’t one of those porns that advertises itself as “for women” just because it’s soft-core–but the focus of the scenes is less on penetration and more on foreplay and body-on-body contact in a sensual manner.

Feeling It!…Not Faking It is an erotic, sensual film that does a great job of exploring and enjoying female fantasies and sexuality.  It’s excellent viewing for yourself or with an intimate partner (or several?) for some sexy fantasy material.

Oct 312010

There’s something especially exciting about getting to peek into restricted places.  Something about a door that says “Keep Out” just makes everything behind it seem more important and enticing!  This is particularly true for parties; we all know that the parties we didn’t get invited to in school always seemed like they must be the very best ones.  Well, Private Independent’s adult film, An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers’ Party in San Francisco gives you the opportunity to sneak a peek at en elite, invitation-only swingers’ party on the top floor of the Armory (leased by Kink.com), as well as view some hot couple’s sex with a fairly realistic and light plot.

With a mix of porn stars and real swingers, Open Invitation gives a sexy look into an elite swingers' party

The wordily-titled An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers’ Party in San Francisco, by Private Independent, has gotten some buzz for being a hot adult movie for couples to enjoy together.  Its plot is light but realistic, detailing the adventures of a couple that start out having humdrum no-foreplay sex but end up getting seduced by another couple and introduced into an open relationship/swingers’ lifestyle.  Along the way, of course, they have lots of steamy sex, culminating in a (long) final scene on the top floor of the San Francisco Armory with a real-live swingers’ party in full swing (forgive the pun!).  The swingers’ party is made up of a handful of porn stars from the movie and a lot of real-life swingers brought from membership or invite-only swingers’ events, giving it a hot level of realness.

An Open Invitation is well-produced and well-directed, with a camera that gives a good view without intruding and pleasant music that doesn’t distract from the action.  The actors and actresses seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves.  Aside from occasional overuse of voice-dubbing during sex, An Open Invitation presents itself in a low-key, unintimidating fashion that lets the hotness on-screen speak for itself.  There is a lot of sex toy use (of which I heartily approve, naturally) and good eye contact between partners.  Of course, due to the subject matter, there is a lot of partner-switching and group-sex scenes (with some inspiring and unique positions), though there is a decent amount of coupled sex, as well.  Everyone seems to be legitimately enjoying the sex, though there isn’t as much of a focus on female orgasm as I might have liked.  There is only a light level of roughness to any of the sex, and it’s all in the “passionately rough” variety, rather than the “S&M or humiliation-oriented roughness” type.  Although, as I said, there wasn’t a lot of female orgasms in the film, there is a fairly high amount of male orgasms, so if that’s something you, you won’t be disappointed;  if you have a particular attraction to scenes of men ejaculating on women’s faces, there are a few such scenes in this movie (or, if you don’t like such scenes, consider yourself duly warned).  The mix of porn stars and real swingers (admittedly, they seem to have hand-picked more porn-attractive swingers from their invitees) in the long final scene gives it a sexy voyeuristic quality.  Finally, the fairly realistic plot gives the movie something to tie it together without being in the cheesy “sexy cable repair guy” vein and without tending to the extreme of overly artsy or depressing.

My qualms with the film were generally fairly minor.  First, while there’s plenty of male/female and female/female interactions, there weren’t any male/male scenes; depending on your tastes, this may or may not be a negative factor.  While there is some ethnic variety in the participants in the film, it’s generally a primarily-white affair.   For the first hour and a half (leading up to the party), most of the male/female interactions tend to be pretty light on the foreplay and focused mostly on intercourse.  The female/female scenes, on the other hand, have plenty of kissing and touching and more traditional foreplay.  Finally, you all know that I am a heavy proponent of both lube and safer sex, so I was disappointed to see that on-camera lube use was almost non-existent, and condom use throughout the film was only sporadic.

Despite these few negative points, I would say that overall An Open Invitation is a hot film for you to enjoy alone or with a partner, particularly if you are interested in seeing some hot sex tricks and group scenes with a dash of reality by the addition of real swingers.