Jan 292010
  • Toy: Rocket Balm: For His Pleasure
  • Type: Men’s Oil-Based Stimulation Balm
  • Manufacturer: Lover’s Choice Inc.
  • Material: Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Menthol, Peppermint Oil, Ginseng among other natural ingredients listed on the label
  • Price: $8-$10

Rocket Balm is a novelty item designed to be rubbed on the penis to help stimulate him and heighten his pleasure. It comes in a tin that resembles cuticle cream. Rocket Balm is an oil-based balm with a delightful, peppermint smell, not that a nice clean body needs help to smell good, but it’s nice to have an opportunity to jazz up the way you or your partner smells.

The video above demostrates how to use the balm with the help of the “Big Purple Monster” dildo. The product can be quite cold when you first take it out for use because it comes in a tin, so you will need to press firmly with your fingers to warm up the balm and continue moving your fingers around to get the balm out of it’s container. You may rub the balm wherever you or your partner likes on the penis (including the balls). You should rub Rocket Balm in until it absorbs into the penis and it will leave a slight tingling sensation meant to stimulate.

I enlisted the help of a guest reviewer to try Rocket Balm out because my “Big Purple Monster” can’t tell me its thoughts on the product. What did he think? His first response is that it smells quite nice, however the product is not ideal for hand jobs because of the effort required to get the balm out of the tin; there’s not really enough you can get onto your hands to keep the motion slick. He felt the minty tingling sensation but found it to be really unpleasant. The experience with such a sensation could be different from person to person so you may find that you or your partner likes it; this reviewer did not. Also the reviewer’s partner found the balm to be incredibly uncomfortable (a bit of the tingling sensation rubbed off of the penis onto his partner).

Another thing to keep in mind about this product is it is NOT latex friendly. It says as much on the back of the packaging and all the ingredients are oil based. You cannot use a condom while using the product. Rocket Balm is a balm and is not meant to be used as any sort of lubricant, either for manual stimulation or for penetrative sex. It is only meant to be rubbed on for its tingling sensation. Rocket Balm also comes with a list of ten pleasure tips which are really basic and you probably shouldn’t bother.

So Rocket Balm is a novelty product. It could be fun but our testers didn’t particularly like it. You can’t use it with condoms or for manual sex. It smells nice and some people may like the tingle, but my guest reviewer won’t be using it again, except for cuticle cream.  My reviewers were terribly confused when they noted the stuff has great ratings at Babeland.com and other reputable sex stores, so your experience may vary.

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Aug 292008

A Manly C Ring! (photo: FreddyandEddy.com)

Male strippers know, most leather daddies know, and plenty of orgasmic men and women do, too. Do you know what the fuss about cock rings is all about? Today’s Friday Pleasure Post is dedicated to giving you all the information you need to share the pleasure of cock rings. Read more, after the jump:

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Jul 122008
LolCat Finds A Blue Pill

LolCat Finds A Blue Pill

Is this sex positive news? Eh, not the way it is reported but that’s usually the case with the news I dig through. It is fascinating to me, though, so up it goes. The Independent, a newspaper out of Ireland, is reporting an interesting sexual reversal of genders. Young women with strong expectations for nearly-immediate casual sex have increased performance pressure on their male mates to the point that they are seeking Viagra in record numbers.

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Jul 102008
Photo by Amanda Rones

Photo by Amanda Rones

Think they’re on their way to little afternoon delight?

I strongly dislike the phrase “use it or lose it” when doctors apply it to sexual functioning. However, here it is again with some research to back it up. When it means that men are encouraged to have regular sexual activity throughout the lifespan then I might just be a fan of it this once. Some daring Finnish researchers have discovered a link between regular intercourse and lowered risk of moderate levels of erectile dysfunction. They did not note whether masturbation could have the same effect, although it seems implied from the article I read. Apparently the trick is to keep blood flowing to area often, especially as men age. In fact, the research itself was on men from age 55 – 75. Woohoo! And how much is enough? The researchers noted a cutoff of at least 1x per week. Come on now, we can at least give ourselves a bit of fun at least once a week. Now you even have some hard data to back it up. The article continues to note that getting the blood flowing is important after prostate surgery, as well. This matches what I learned from a wonderful presentation on sex after cancer while attending AASECT, in which the presenting nurse noted the high importance of achieving erections soon after surgery to prevent erectile dysfunction. Be sure to talk this over with your doctor, gentlemen, and if you doctor cannot advise you then it is time to find a new (or second) sound source of medical information for your sex life. And remember to keep using those condoms & lube!

original article from 19ActionNews.com – here

Jun 242008

Consumer Reports

photo – Cory Silverberg at About.com, click on it and you’ll go to the video.

Way to go, Consumer Reports! Their Health Watch section takes on sexual performance prescriptions by showing us exactly how much power they have over the health industry in the form of advertising dollars. Furthermore, their video does a great job of pulling apart and questioning an ad for the very popular Cialis and offering accurate and direct info on the medication as well alternative treatments for erectile dysfunction. Be sure to go and get all the information, and watch the video – here

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