Aug 012010

Fun Factory continues to offer fun, high-quality toys that are perfect for beginners, but strong and appealing enough for all sorts.  The rabbit-style Flash Vibe is an innie/outtie combination silicone toy that is on the smaller side, making it an excellent choice for a travel vibrator or a first toy.  Despite its size, it has a decent vibration strength, and its dual nature makes it a versatile toy that can be used alone or with a partner.

  • Toy:  Flash Vibe (sent by for review)
  • Type: Rechargeable, innie/outtie, waterproof
  • Manufacturer: Fun Factory
  • Material: Silicone
  • Price: $79
  • SMT rating: 1

Fun Factory's Flash Vibe can fulfill your needs, inside and out

The Fun Factory Flash Vibe is a sleek, attractive innie/outtie combination vibrator that not only would be a great toy for vibrator beginners, but also for experienced vibrator connoisseurs looking for a nice portable toy.  Since it’s by Fun Factory, the Flash is made with high-quality silicone, and is pleasing to the eye and touch, in a nice friendly color and shape that keep it from being intimidating.  It recharges uses an easy-to-attach “click” plug that magnetically attaches itself to the toy, and the Flash signals when it is done charging with a blinking light.

The Flash has a nice, rumbly vibration that should be pleasing without being overwhelming.  Due to its smaller size, the Flash Vibe is a good toy for use with partners, and a good on-the-go portable toy to pack on vacations or business trips.  Its dual innie/outtie nature makes it a versatile toy that can be used vaginally, anally, or clitorally, or some combinations of the three.  The click-to-charge magnets not only make it a good waterproof toy for underwater use, they also make it easier for those without fine motor control to attach the recharging plug.

The “reach” of the clitoral branch of the toy may be a bit short, which could be good or bad, depending on one’s preferences and genital structure.  The toy may be too petite for those with tastes for big toys, but beginners or people on the go might find this to be a positive instead.

Overall, the Flash Vibe is a great rabbit-style innie/outtie vibe, whose smaller size but decent strength make it a good buy for beginners and experienced toy users alike.

Jun 082010

MenstrualPoetry and I Share an Appreciation for Feminist Porn

This past weekend I had the joy of showing someone around New Orleans.   I’ve been plenty of times, but this was his first time!  Oh my gosh, was it ever steamy.  Of course, the sights were hot’n’sweaty, but so was the weather.  Still, it’s always worth it for a spicy taste of New Orleans!  As an added bonus, folks tend to wear less when they sweat more, so even my fellow tourists became a delightful part of the people watching.  And since I’m in a steamy mood, lets carry that on over to this weeks list of my favorite Babeland product reviews!

Heart 2 Heart Cuffs – An unmarked, brown box arrived in her mail the other day… which is always a happy moment for a sex toy reviewer!  Inside was a pair of luscious, buttery leather cuffs just waiting for On Intimacy to review them.  Lucky Andy got to try them on, too.  Want to hear all about it?  Check out their wonderful review!

Seven Minutes in Heaven (2) – Feminist porn: beautiful reality or impossible dream?  While you’re in your discussion groups I’ll be next door with MenstrualPoetry, enjoying this hot DVD by Courtney Trouble.  Come join us when you’ve completed your postmodern critique of the role of the male gaze in pornography and its implications for alternative perspectives on pleasure and voyeurism.  Next week we’ll work on defining the word “sex.”  And I’ll be next door with MenstrualPoetry….

Candy Colored Glass Dildo – I love high energy reviews from interesting, smart, happy, gorgeous women – especially when they happen to be reviewing a fantastic toy!  So, how could I not love Queerie Bradshaw’s review of this gorgeous glass dildo?  Plus, it even matches her outfit.  Head on over to her site to see for yourself!

And did you catch my reviews for this past week…?  As always, there is a video review for each with lots of great product and pleasure information for your edutainment needs!

The Fleshlight Sex in a Can (Spread Eagle model) – It’s an enjoyable mid-level masturbation sleeve for men that comes in semi-discreet masculine packaging.  This deliciously naughty brew has a lot to offer a man looking to spice up his masturbation routine!

The Spring Vibe by FunFactory – While its name may be a bit late for the season, the Spring Vibe is a great toy for any time of year!  This petite rechargeable vibe not only packs a lot of power in its tiny package, it also uses a clever, magnetically-attaching cord for recharging, making it fully waterproof!

So I’ve G-Ki in my hot little… hand, as well as a delicious stroker toy by Tenga.  Keep your eyes on my blog for my reviews of both this week!

  • This month’s contest is a truly devious prize package from KinkAcademy and Dr. Ruthie, so scamper on over to sign up! Serious, this prize set is AMAZING!
  • View all my Babeland reviews and check out my videos.  Babeland sends me some of their best products to check out for your every month.  Best of all, every review is 100% honest and I receive no commission incentives.  Woo-hoo!
Jun 062010

While its name may be a bit late for the season, the Spring Vibe is a great toy for any time of year!  This petite rechargeable vibe not only packs a lot of power in its tiny package, it also uses a clever, magnetically-attaching cord for recharging, making it fully waterproof!

  • Toy:  Spring Vibe (sent by for review)
  • Type: rechargeable, waterproof, magnetically attached charging cord
  • Manufacturer: Fun Factory
  • Material: Silicone
  • Price: $74
  • SMT rating: 1, more power than one would expect from a rechargeable toy, especially of this size

Let’s look at Spring Vibe from Fun Factory for This vibrantly dark pink  toy has a lovely velvety silicone covering.  It’s an easy to use, petite, rechargeable vibrator that is completely waterproof; allowing you to take into the bath or hot tub for a safe, delightful, intimacy-enhancing experience. Between uses, this easy to clean vaginal vibrator plugs into a  recharger with fool-proof magnetic attachment and charging light indicator, letting you know when it ready for immediate use.

The Spring Vibe is a very satisfying answer to those desiring a petite toy that provides a significantly powerful buzz and does not have to be plugged in. The easy to find control buttons are embedded near the base of  the soft covering, which has stimulating textured flowers at the tip.  The vibe’s adjustable power levels even include a very low level for those who like a cool down afterwards, in addition to several classic throbbing pulsating patterns.

As when using any silicone toy, you should treat yourself well and use a top quality, water-based lubricant.. And let me tell you, this very quiet sex toy has a lot of power, especially for its size! The vigorous rumble on the vibrations are very strong and will surprise you with the intensity levels at the higher settings.

May 162010

The Tango is a well-made, versatile toy with a really nice feel, offering easy use and comfort to individuals or couples.  Plus, the turbo button will be really handy for folks who like to warm up with a pulsation setting but need a strong, steady vibe to reach orgasm!

  • Toy:  Tango (sent by for review)
  • Type: 7-mode single-motor vibrator, innie/outie, flexible, battery powered (4 AAAs), water resistant
  • Manufacturer: FunFactory
  • Material: Silicone with a hard-plastic end cap and soft buttons
  • Price: $99
  • SMT rating: Powerful, but just short of the SMT-1 rating internally.  Clitoral stimulation is less powerful, but still ranks solidly at the moderate level.

FunFactory's Tango - sent for review by

When I opened my review box and found the beautiful Tango, I knew it was going to be a good month for reviews!  The lovely Tango vibe runs on 4 AAA batteries. Thanks to very pliable silicone, this “innie-outie” sex toy has a sensual, soft, velvety texture, covering a comfortably flexible surface. Vibrations start at the base,  which makes sense because the opening of the vagina is one of the most sensitive areas (aside from the clit),  and travel up the 5-inch insertable length of the thick toy body as well as through clit-stimulating branch at the case.

The design  has a smoother, less hooked end, not meant to particularly stimulate the G-spot, and offers a strong, throbbing, pulsating, really pleasant tactile sensation vaginally, with moderate stimulation to the clitoral area.  There are several settings and a special turbo charge button, taking you from a pulsation to an even stronger steady vibration when held down, which would enhance the climax of  an experience.

If you or your sweetie like the innie-outie shape of a traditional rabbit vibe, but aren’t fans for the oscillating shaft or rotating pearls, then this may be the perfect match for you.  The clit stimulator has a good reach, and offers a moderate level of stimulation… plus you can always flip it around to make the toy a vaginal/anal combo!  I’m a big fan of Fun Factory toys, and this one is no exception.

Dec 122009

Toy: SmartBalls by FunFactory

From: Review thanks to

Material: Firm silicone, with silicone (perhaps coated) string

Price: $25.99 , available widely at better sex toy stores

Looking for a creative holiday gift for that special vulva in your life? SmartBalls are FunFactory’s upgrade on the classic ben-wa balls, offering a great PC muscle exerciser for the Kegel conscious as well as a unique toy for solo and partnered play.  Check out my video review to learn all about SmartBalls, what makes them work, and how to get most from them!

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