Oct 012010

Every G Spot is different, but they also have things in common

Ready to take your G-Spot explorations to the next level with a G Spot vibrator?  Then you’ll want to be sure to watch my new video on how to choose and use a toy designed just for your G-Spot!  Thanks so much to FunWares for making this educational series possible.

Jun 112010

Je Joue’s G-Ki vibrator is a unique addition to the field of G-spot/clitoral vibrators, thanks to its adjustable curve that lets you bend the toy in the way that you find most pleasurable!  Read on to find out if this is enough to make this premium vibrator a must-have for your collection.

  • Toy:  G-Ki (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: rechargeable, waterproof, adjustable curved portion for G-spot
  • Manufacturer: Je Joue
  • Material: Silicone
  • Price: $99
  • SMT rating: 0, but with a hearty, throbby buzz

Je Joue's Gi-K can adjust to your tastes

This month, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing Je Joue’s G-Ki for Babeland.com, and I was surprised and pleased by this unique toy. One thing that makes the G-Ki dual clitoral and G-spot vibrator so special is its hard plastic skeleton, coated in high-quality silicone, that is adjustable so you can change the insertion angle for that perfect G-spot experience. The vibrations are felt in the main body as well as in the curved tip, which is slightly spongy for added comfort.  When you’ve adjusted the curve correctly, the G-Ki should provide pleasurable vibrating pressure and stimulation to the G-spot, as well as the clitoris when you move th toy with a rocking motion.

The beautiful design of this toy begins with the lovely storage box containing the rechargers and instruction in a separate lined pocket. An internal battery is recharged with a convenient magnetic adapter that has a charging light to assure correct attachment. There are 5  intensity settings to the vibration, with a range of pulsation patterns. It is also easy to clean and store after use (with generous water-based lubricant, of course!).

The G-Ki dual clitoral and G-spot vibrator for Babeland.com is a delightfully creative sex toy that adjusts into three positions, has a rechargeable battery with a magnetic charger, and is the perfect item to help you get that G-spot pleasure!

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May 272010

The cordless  BNaughty Unleashed , by BSwish, is the remote controlled bullet vibrator that many of you have been waiting to hear about.  Get ready to explore those tantalizing fantasies (without cords) because this little vibe is here to please!

  • Toy:  BNaughty Unleashed (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: battery operated (4 batteries in 2 nonstandard sizes), water-resistant, cordless remote control vibe with retrieval cord
  • Manufacturer: BSwish
  • Material: Smooth hard plastic with velvety polyurethane cote, LCD screen remote (cordless)
  • Price: $60, including one set of batteries
  • SMT rating: 0 but with delightful, moderate-strength vibrations
Get ready to BNaughty as your fantasies are UnLeashed!

Get ready to BNaughty as your fantasies are Uneashed!

Babeland sends me the most wonderful things to review!  Today I’m proud to introduce you to the BNaughty Unleashed cordless vibe by BSwish (one of my favorite manufacturers).  This sizable bullet vibe has a hard plastic body with a sensual, tactile and very velvety  polyurethane coating for pleasure and comfort.  The larger size of the vibrator allows for easier vaginal “grip” and pleasureable extended insertion time, but it’s still small enough to insert comfortably while dancing, sitting, or getting your groove on.  It is “splash-proof”, which means not fully waterproof, but washable and safe for body insertion.  One particularly nice  feature is the retrieval cord. Since this is not a power cord, it is safe to use in removal.  However, the BNaughty Unleashed doesn’t have a flared base, so the design is safe for vaginal use only and not for rectal use.  Nope, the cord doesn’t make anal-friendly, I’m sad to say.

The unit has an easy-to-use remote control with a great readable, lighted, LCD screen and many functions.  There are a total of 4 batteries (3 of one type, 1 of the other) that come in 2 non-standard sizes.  They’re included with the unit to immediately begin your delightful indulgence but be prepared by buying extra specialty batteries  in advance. The remote has the on/off switch and can be set on three power levels. There are 7 more pleasurable pattern setting which are identified not only by number but with a lighted, pattern graph.

Aside from some necessary pre-planning when it comes to ordering batteries, there is little to complain about with the BNaughty Unleashed.  While the bullet would be a bit large to wear for long in one’s panties, I’ve mentioned other advantages to the size.  Also, it’s worth noting that (as far as I know) there are no remote controlled vibes with a controller that can work from rooms away.  Keep the batteries fresh and the controller aimed generally in the right direction, from within the same room, and you’ll have plenty of fun.  If the controller fails to move to the next setting and becomes misaligned with the vibe just turn it off and on quickly and you’ll be matched up again.

Although the little door to the battery compartment on the remote takes some effort, once all of the batteries are in this is a fairly disability-friendly device.  The buttons on the control are easy to push, the larger bullet is easier to grasp and the cord makes it simple to remove, and it can be cleaned without much fuss. Because it is hard plastic you can (and should) enjoy it with any type of high quality lube; no problems with silicone lubes here!

There are lots of great solo and partner uses for this vibe, from mild to kinky.  Be sure to watch the video above to hear all about it! Get creative with this wearable, highly enjoyable sex toy.

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Jun 152009


A We-Vibe in the hand actually isn't quite as good as 1 in the...

A We-Vibe in the hand actually isn't quite as good as 1 in the...

Toy: We-Vibe

Type: rechargeable, innie & outtie, vibrator (also includes case and charger)

Material: Silicone (medical grade)

Cost: about $130

Power: moderate, but with an SMT of 0.

Back during the last time I was single there was a period of several months when I declared a refillable travel mug to be my new partner.  His name was George, but I lovingly called him Mug-mug.  Mug-mug would give me cheap refills of hot coco from a local gourmet chocolate shop, thus providing warm and sensual comfort on demand while asking very little of me in return.  My ex even confessed that he was a little jealous of Mug-mug, adding to its attractiveness.  All he needed was a gentle hand washing and about $1 per refill, which is a remarkably good deal for constant, soothing companionship.  Mug-mug was a fantastic rebound partner and when I started to tire of him he graciously got lost, as a good rebound should.

If only the We-Vibe had been around I could have saved myself many trips to the chocolate shop and serveral thousand callories.  Actually, I would have probably tried to get the three of us together, but that’s completely besides the point!  I’m writing to review the We-Vibe, the perfect companion for female lovers of: books, blogging, porn, strapping it on, cowgirl sex, bondage bunnies, and lazily blissful erotic stimulation.  That should cover nearly everyone (with a vagina) that reads my stuff!  Keep reading for the review, and my list of 10 sexy ideas for your We-Vibe.

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