Aug 272008


Del Martin (right) with her wife, Phyllis Lyon. (photo: Dlisted)

Del Martin passed away Wednesday morning at the age of 87. Cofounder (with Phyllis Lyon, above) of The Daughters of Bilitis, the first socio-political lesbian organization in the USA, she and her sweetheart grabbed the eye of the nation as the first same-sex couple to marry in California both times it became legal. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with this amazing woman and her partner in today’s links. They changed the world with their love, making it more possible for others to pursue the same deep and enduring romance that they found in each other.

This feature replaces Thursday’s Teasers.

Thank you, Del Martin & Phyllis Lyon, for all you have done for us.

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Aug 172008


The Beautiful Love Birds Have Gotten Married!

The Beautiful Love Birds Have Gotten Married!

People Magazine has reported that Ellen and Portia got married Saturday night in at their home in LA. The ceremony was small, and included their moms. I met Ellen briefly when she came to speak at Syracuse University with her then-girlfriend, now infamous ex. Ellen really stood out to me as an amazing and down-to-earth woman back then and I am so happy for both of them! Their vows were even hand written, how sweet is that? Head on over to the People article for all the details.

UPDATE: Creepy stalker pictures of Ellen and Portia’s wedding are now online – here

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Jul 192008
NY Times Image of Rosies Annual Cruise

NY Times Image of Rosie's Annual Cruise

When I was an undergrad at Syracuse University, Mr. Pat Buchanan himself came to speak at the chapel that served as our free speech zone. Always a believer in knowing my enemies, I went to hear him and managed to snag a seat in the very front row. Sitting alongside a twitchy young woman with a folded sheet on her lap, I listened to him deftly avoid every controversial topic we knew him for, focusing instead on uniting concepts like improving our chances for getting jobs upon graduation. At the end of his lecture, just when the crowd seemed least sure of what to do, a group of protesters who were spread throughout the chapel stood quietly and assumed their places. Pairs of lesbians rose from the seated audience and began their kiss-in, long lines of liberals formed behind the micophones with question sheets in hand, and my neighbor on the front row bench sprung to the front of the room with her sheet. It turns out that her friend didn’t make it, so she took my hand in mid-leap and I joined her. Heady with the moment, there I was holding a homemade banner with an unknown message. I smiled at the room, spotting several of my professors, along with my confused boyfriend. Then I leaned back to read my banner, squinting through the sheet at the backwards, hand-painted words.

“Gay Families Have Values, Too”

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Jul 172008
Behind this sly smile is a might brain.

Behind this sly smile is a mighty brain.

Jamie LaRue is a prime example of librarians serving as our champions of freedom. In a well written and inspiring post, Mr. LaRue shares with us his response to a letter of complaint regarding the children’s book Uncle Bobby’s Wedding. This library patron is concerned that the book’s content is not fit for her child, and offers several suggestions on restricting the book. Jamie’s response is incredible, blending respect with a solid grounding in awareness of history and philosophy. I’m particularly moved by his clear appreciation for the parent who wrote to him. It is long-ish for today’s time-strapped blog reader, but really well worth your time. He chose to share it in order to assist other librarians likely to face similar letters during the upcoming year.

LaRue’s letter – here

LaRue’s website – here

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Jul 162008

The New York Times recently reported on Massachusetts’s move to repeal a law from 1913 that banned out-of-state marriages that would not be recognized in their home states. According to The Times, this law may have been originally created to help out states with bans on interracial marriage. With that in mind, I am somewhat shocked that anyone dares to publicize their support for the 1913 ban, but then again people get pretty excited about anything that bolsters gay marriage. Former Gov. and perpetual bigot Mitt Romney used the law back in ’04 to back up his hate-based agenda. Now NY Governor Deval Patrick, Democrat and dad to a daughter who happens to be lesbian, is quick to note that the repeal is not only the right thing to do from an ethical standpoint, but it is also likely to help the economy. New York same-sex couples are anticipated to flock to Mass for their union ceremonies, considering that NY’s Gov. Paterson has his state ready to recognize same-sex unions from other states. A $111 million infusion is expected to roll in for the fine state of Massachusetts.
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Jun 172008

Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon get married (again) in Cali under Mayor Newsom! So darling! Photo –

Congrats to California and all the happy newlyweds on the west coast! At 5:01 pm Monday, the state of California began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, due to the recent State Supreme Court ruling. Del Martin, 87, and Phyllis Lyon, 84 were the first to be married in a ceremony by Mayor Newsom himself – which is both fitting and beautiful. Their photo, from, is above. They were also the same couple to be the first to marry last time around in Cali, but their marriage was struck down when courts ruled the licenses void. The Mayor announced that the move to license same-sex marriages was a shift to strengthen the institution of marriage. Newsom also responded to a limited amount of religious outcry (especially by Catholic Bishops, who issued a statement opposing the ruling) by noting that churches and other religious institutions may continue as they always have, since this is only a change in secular marriage rules. Yay for separation of church and state, which benefits both sides in this instance (and in general)! This makes for state #2 right now, with NY preparing to honor marriages from any state.

There are a million articles around the web on this, one by can be found – here