Feb 092011

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and that means that the birds & bees will soon be getting fresh with each other this spring!  It’s the perfect time to be thinking about ways to explore your fantasies and enjoy some new sex toys.  And thanks to the great folks at Crystal Adult Pleasures (CAP), I’m giving away some absolutely gorgeous glass sex toys to lucky winners in the USA, Canada and the UK!  CAP has a whole range of glass toys that are as smooth and beautiful as they are stimulating.  Glass toys are great for temperature play, extra slick with lube, easy to clean and perfect for those who like full, firm and weighty insertables.  Curvy glass can be just the thing for stimulating the G-spot while straight glass is smooth and filling for thrusting.  CAP is a smaller company that makes commissions for the porn industry and private use, as well as selling a range of popular toys for everyday folks like us – and they want you to see for yourself just how hot a well made glass toy can be!


Boomerang: This slim sex toy packs a lot of punch with its subtle arched curve allowing for deep and medium probing sensation. This glass sex toy is guaranteed to be pleasureful and irresistibly eye-catching. The Boomerang 7″ Glass Sex Toy is shaped from 7″ x 7/8″ 100% lucite glass and manufactured exclusively by CAP.

My First Sex Toy: Perfect for a first toy, or to add to your existing collection when you don’t need or want to go over the top. This glass sex toy is guaranteed to be pleasureful and irresistibly eye-catching. My First Sex is shaped from 7″ x 7/8″ 100% lucite glass and manufactured exclusively by CAP.

S-Wand G-Spot Stimulator Wand:  This 10″ curved (7/8″ inch diameter) crystal clear Lucite Glass G-Spot Stimulator and Prostate Massage Wand is the ultimate aid in achieving g-spot squirting orgasms with very little effort. By design the Crystal G-Spot Stimulator Wand gives you the extra help to easily find and stimulate the G-Spot (female) and prostate (Male G-Spot) . Recommended by sex experts, sold world-wide, and praised by thousands this is the best selling product we have ever manufactured. Made from 100% lucite glass for safety and durability. Manufactured exclusively by CAP.

S-Wand G-Spotter

Wow! I’m jealous that I can’t enter! ;)

How To Enter: There are three ways to enter, and you can earn one entry for each way.  In order for your entry to be counted, you must leave one note in the comments (below) per entry.  If you have a toy preference, include it in your entry.  The first person drawn will receive their first choice, if one is noted.  I will do my best with the second and third, but I can’t make any promises if your preferred toy is already chosen.  You might want to include a second choice to help me out!  If you don’t mention a toy in you comment, I’ll pick one for you.  You must enter by 11:59 pm (eastern time) March 31, 2011 by doing one or more of the following:

  • 1) Sign up for Dr. Ruthie’s newsletter at this link! If you’re already on my list, just leave me a comment letting me know that you want to enter – and be sure your correct email address is included in the form (it won’t be shown).  Comment here to let me know you signed up, and don’t forget to mention your preferred toy!
  • 2) Spread the word on your Facebook, Twitter or Blogs: Share the following on twitter:  @DrRuthie is giving away a glass sex toys from CAP, and I want to win one! http://tinyurl.com/GlassContest #sex #contests – For Facebook and blog posts be sure to include the contest link above.  Comment here to let me know you entered (and where), and don’t forget to mention your preferred toy!
  • 3) Comment below by sharing your favorite naughty quote or story.  I love hearing how creative you can be, plus I might even include it in my upcoming book on talking dirty!  Don’t forget to mention your preferred toy.

16in wand - Check out CAP's website for this design and many others!


  • You must be at least 21 years old, live in the USA, Canada or UK and be willing to share your address for shipping.  If you live outside the USA, Canada or UK you can only be eligible to receive the free session with Dr. Ruthie.  Prizes can only be sent to the winner’s address.
  • You cannot enter if winning would put you in an unethical dual relationship with CAP or myself.  For example, you cannot be an employee or immediate family of either.
  • Up to three entries are allowed per person by using all three of the methods above.  You cannot receive multiple entries for doing the same method more than once.
  • Entries must be received by 11:59 pm (eastern time) March 31, 2011. Winners will be contacted by email by 4/3/11 to claim their prize.  They must respond with the necessary information within 3 days or forfeit their prize, at which time another winner will be chosen and contacted.  I cannot be held responsible if you give me incorrect contact information or do not respond on time.  CAP will mail your prizes to you directly; I cannot be responsible for any shipping delays or issues.

Good luck and happy spring!

Jan 292011

Lovers of butt-play should definitely consider getting their hands (and butts!) on this glass buttplug from the Icicles line.  It’s a beautiful intermediate toy with a lot of great features, and a really satisfying heavy feel.   Plus, it’s a great conversation starter when guests find your glass buttplug in the dishwasher!

This hefty glass plug from the Icicles line is an excellent intermediate anal toy

This glass anal plug isn’t the first toy from the Icicles line I’ve reviewed here at Exploring Intimacy; previously, the Octopussy Dildo wowed me with its inventive and well-made design.

The Icicles plug is a moderate-sized anal toy, at 5.5″ long and 1.75″ thick at its widest.  It’s the perfect size for people who are looking to step up from their beginner’s toys, but too big for anal novices.  It’s made from Pyrex, which is non-porous and so sterilizable; it can be boiled or even put in the dishwasher to be cleaned.  Like most glass toys, the Icicles plug is super-smooth, and quite slick when lubed.  And, of course, it’s quite pretty!

Its glass nature makes the Icicles plug a bit weighty, giving it a nice heft and substantial feel when inserted.  The finger-loop on the end makes it easy to handle, even when your hand is slick with lube.  It has a nice curved shape that makes it excellent for prostate stimulation on guys.  Some women may also  find it gives good G-spot stimulation, even when inserted anally. And, as with all glass toys, the fact that glass holds temperatures well makes for interesting play possibilities, as immersing the toy in hot or cold water can give an interesting extra sensation to its insertion.

Like all glass toys, care must be taken to ensure that this plug stays fully intact.  Pyrex is a very sturdy material, but if it does happen to get a chip or crack, it needs to be disposed of immediately.  If you’re washing it by hand in a sink, make sure to lay down a hand towel at the bottom of the sink to keep the toy from chipping if you drop it.

Again, this is an excellent intermediate-level anal toy, and isn’t recommended for beginners due to its larger size and heft.  In addition, folks who are particularly shy about their anus may feel a little self-conscious about this plug, since it’s a see-through glass.  This embarrassment is largely misplaced, though, since the curved shape of the toy means that you can’t really use it to see inside the anus; at most, you’ll see some skin tone.

Overall, the Icicles glass plug is an excellent glass anal toy for those who have used anal toys before and are looking for something a little classier with some nice size and weight to it.

Nov 232010

It’s pink. It’s glass. It’s a tentacle. What more can I say? This little wonder is a surprisingly dynamic toy but at it’s heart it IS a pink, glass, tentacle dildo!

  • Toy:  “Icicle” Octopussy Dildo (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: Hand-blown glass, tentacle-themed, textured, innie dildo
  • Manufacturer: Babeland
  • Material: Pyrex glass
  • Price: $50

Perfect for your undersea adventure fantasies

Sometimes you need just the right toy to build up the fantasy you want to play with during intimacy.  This can particularly be the case if your fantasy is something a little less mainstream than penile penetration.  Tentacle fantasies can be fairly common, and erotica relating to tentacles dates back as early as the early 19th century.  If you’re intrigued by tentacles and are looking for a toy that might help those fantasies really come closer to life, the Octopussy Dildo (also known as the Icicle) may be just what you’re looking for.

The Octopussy is a 6-1/4″ long,  7/8″ wide dildo made of hand-blown Pyrex glass.  It has a rosy quartz hue, a series of rounded bumps on the top, and vein-y ridges along the bottom edge.  It also, thankfully, has a curved finger-loop on the smaller end to help control and hold the toy.  Due to the curved loop end, only about 4-1/2″ of the toy are actually insertable.  Finally, note that the toy isn’t perfectly circular, but rather is wider than it is tall, giving the insertable end a slightly flattened look.

Since the toy is made from glass, the Octopussy is a very firm toy.  Also, glass gives the toy a unique slickness when it is lubed; the combination of the slippery smoothness of wet glass combined with the heavy texturing gives the toy a feeling unlike most others.  This makes the finger-loop on the Octopussy a particularly important addition, as slick glass can be very difficult to keep a grip on.  With the loop, however, the Octopussy is easy to control even when slick.

The glass nature of the toy also makes for interesting play possibilities.  It can be immersed in cold or hot water to lower or raise its temperature to match your fantasies or just play with sensations.  Also, the glass makes the Octopussy easy to clean, and it can even be boiled for sterilization. Pyrex is a pretty sturdy glass (as those of us who use Pyrex cookware know), but you’re still advised to be careful when using the toy near hard surfaces to avoid chipping.

Though the toy is clearly meant to be insertable, its nice texture lends itself well to being rubbed along the clitoris and labia when it’s slicked up.  It could also be used for anal play, since the finger-loop provides a thick enough base that it is safe for anal use; however, it should be used very slowly and gently, since the glass has no give to it, and the heavy texturing may prove to be a bit much for some.

The only possible warnings or downsides about the Octopussy have been stated before.  Namely, care needs to be taken when cleaning it, as dropping it in the sink and chipping it would mean that the entire toy needs to be tossed.  And, again, the texture on the Octopussy is heavier than on many other toys, particularly since it’s made out of hard glass, and so those who are sensitive to texture may find it a bit overwhelming.

Overall, if you’re looking for something tentacle-related, or a glass toy that has lots of texture, the Octopussy may be just what you’re looking for to help it feel better down where it’s wetter.

Aug 012008

Light Up Vibes by Don Wand Use LED Lights - New Models Coming Soon

Light Up Vibes by Don Wand Use LED Lights – New Models Coming Soon

Have you ever tried a glass sex toy? These insertables are generally made of a Pyrex-style glass and offer a very hard type of toy that is easy to clean, can be heated or chilled, and is often very visually appealing. I have a downright gorgeous one that I bring to workshops, locally made from swirled glass and with bumps. Although the shape is semi-realistic, even the most modest attendees smile when they see such an attractive toy. Some glass toys even vibrate, although most don’t.

Local glass artists have been bringing back the ancient art of producing swirling, beautiful toys that are suitable for display, and large companies have also hopped into the market. Don Wands, a line from Glow Industries, sells a range of glass dildos and vibes around the country. Recently AVN has announced one new line of lovely metallic, vibrating beauties fresh to the market, and an upcoming line illuminated from inside with LED lights! An LED toy is shown above, while the metallic vibe is a bit more realistic, so I’ve placed the photo at the bottom of the article, after the jump:

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