Dec 152010

We all know that, usually, the sequel to something isn’t nearly as good as the original.  Apparently, however, this rule doesn’t apply to vibrators!  Jimmyjane’s Form 3 is just as unique and pleasurable as the Form 2, if not more so!  Read on to learn more about this one-of-a-kind toy.

  • Toy: Form 3 (sent by for review)
  • Type: Outtie vibrator, rechargeable, waterproof
  • Manufacturer: Jimmyjane
  • Material: Silicone and stainless steel
  • Price: $145
  • SMT rating: N/A (outtie toy; fairly high intensity, especially a toy of this size)

Jimmyjane's unique new toy gives your fingers some extra power

When I reviewed Jimmyjane’s Form 2, I was struck by the original “bunny ears” shape of the little rechargeable toy that made it unique and versatile.  Well, Jimmyjane has one-upped themselves on originality with the Form 3, which is unlike any other toy I’ve reviewed.  This little handheld toy, made out of silicone and stainless steel (the latter is all interior except for the charging nub on the bottom) has a sleek, contoured shape that is made to enhance your finger’s touch with a hearty vibration.

The Form 3 has a difficult to describe shape, so you’re best off watching the video to see it up close and personal.  The portion of it that is made to make contact with you is made of a circular silicone “ridge” that surrounds a sheet of thin (but strong, worry not) silicone that forms a divot shape.  This indentation is perfect for you to slip your finger into while you hold the toy, allowing you to touch yourself with the Form 3’s healthy buzz adding a new zip to your finger.  Yes, the Form 3 looks small, but it has a powerful motor, giving it a surprisingly strong (though not overwhelming) vibration.  It remains relatively quiet even at its highest setting and has a variety of different settings for pulsation, steady buzz, etc.  Plus it has a bunch of neat extra features, like the ability to lock the controls for travel and the fact that it immediately returns to its last setting when you turn it back on.

As usual for Jimmyjane, the Form 3 is made from high-quality silicone and so is phthalate-free.  It’s waterproof and easy to clean!  Just make sure you’re using a nice water-based lube, not silicone, with it, and you’re ready to go!  It even comes with a 3-year warranty.  It recharges in a cradle, same as the Form 2, and has a light that indicates when it’s charging when it’s fully charged and ready to run.  The Form 3 lasts for up to seven hours off a full charge, so it can keep you company through a very long night!

I can’t say enough good things about the Form 3.  It’s a premium vibrator that innovates and comes up with fantastic new ways to help you pleasure yourself!

Nov 272010

Folks who know sex toys are familiar with Jimmyjane’s reputation for high-quality, iconic designs that make a statement, whether you give them to yourself or someone else.  In addition to sex toys, they also make absolutely luscious massage candles.   This kit is a gorgeous way to get your hands on a half-dozen decadent smells to mix, match, and use to seduce your partner.

The Little Afterglow Sampler Set makes the perfect sensual gift

We all know that presentation matters when it comes to gifts.  Thankfully, Jimmyjane knows this, too; from the moment you set eyes on it, the Afterglow Sampler Set works to seduce you.  This set of six 1.7 ounce massage candles comes beautifully packaged in a classy-looking white box adorned with simple art and a pink satin ribbon.  Inside, six small square candles in ceramic-feeling holders, complete with little spouts, sit nestled in red, suffusing you with their delicious scents from the moment you open the box.
The Afterglow Sampler Set contains six differently scented massage candles: Dark Vanilla, Pink Lotus, Cucumber Water, Grapefruit, Truffle and Gardenia, and Bourbon.  Each of these candles by itself has a delicious, seductive aroma, but they also have very complementary smells that allow you to mix and match them with pleasant results.  In fact, the sampler set contains an “Experience Guide” that discusses different pairings of candles to promote certain moods for your massages.  The small ceramic candle-holders with spouts are adorable, and would make fantastic holders for future massage candles you make have once the Jimmyjane ones have been all used up.
In terms of quality, the candles are each from the Afterglow line, so you can check out my previous Jimmyjane Afterglow Candle review to get the full scoop on the perfect massage oil these candles can be melted into.  Shortly, these are excellent quality massage candles, and being able to sample and mix different scents in order to provide the perfect massage experience.  Whether it’s for yourself, an intimate partner, or someone who could use a sensual massage accessory, the Jimmyjane Afterglow Sampler Set makes an excellent gift.

Aug 012010

JimmyJane’s Form 2 may look like an innocent little bunny, but this small vibrator packs a lot of power.  Even better, each of the “ears” vibrates separately, allowing it to provide a plethora of intriguing and enjoyable sensations.

  • Toy:  Form 2 (sent by for review)
  • Type: Rechargeable, cordless, waterproof
  • Manufacturer: JimmyJane
  • Material: Silicone, stainless steal vibrating portion
  • Price: $135
  • SMT rating: N/A since it is an outtie-only vibrator, but it is quite strong (approximately equivalent to a 1 on the SMT scale if it were an innie)

This rabbit-shaped toy will please you from multiple angles

The Form 2 is an extremely powerful, delightful, outtie vibrator that is waterproof and easily rechargeable in its own power cup. One of the many unique features of this most desirable vibe is the position and use of the controls, which allow you to go through the different power levels separately from the modes of vibration, offering you exactly the combination of stimulation types needed.  The unit has a lock button for travel, to avoid embarrassing situations with airport security and vibrating luggage. It is also incredibly quiet for the strength of vibration.

There are two separate vibrators in the “bunny ears” design that are not synchronized, giving a wonderful and unique stroking feeling to the sensation. The vibration pattern settings include a solid full-unit buzz, alternating vibrations, pulsating vibes and more. The unit charge lasts for an unknown, very long, powerful time, since it outlasted the testers.  The testers also did not run into any problems with the unit function during use and unanimously reported having a great time and experiencing much joy using this toy.

The beautiful design, the comfortable, washable silicone covering, the rechargeability, the ease in using controls, the ability to use it with a partner and the extraordinary strength of vibration make this an outstanding product. JimmyJane promised to revolutionize sex toys by focusing on presenting a few each year with highest quality standards and it shows in the magnificent Form 2 model.   This is an amazingly powerful and pleasing outtie vibrator with gorgeous design and truly impressive functionality. Highly recommended!

Jun 292010

In keeping with the massage theme of our last review, we have another delightful massage accessory to review from Jimmyjane.  The Afterglow Candle is a deliciously-scented candle whose melted wax makes a great massage oil; perfect for a candlelight seduction!

  • Toy:  Afterglow Candle (sent by for review)
  • Type: massage accessory
  • Manufacturer: Jimmyjane
  • Material: body-safe wax and perfume, unleaded wick, no specifics available
  • Price: $28
  • SMT rating: N/A

The Afterglow Candle is sensual, sweet-smelling fun

A perfect complement to their Contour Massage Stones, the Jimmyjane Afterglow Candle is a great accessory for adding some spice and romance to your next massage session.  This attractively-scented candle is made from body-safe waxes and perfumes, and the wax is soft and pleasant to the touch.  When lit, not only does the candle spread its yummy scent throughout the room, it also liquifies the wax into a usable massage oil!  The Afterglow comes with a small hand-brush to allow you to brush the warm wax/oil onto your partner, giving a light lubrication for a sensual massage that will allow your hands to slide easily over your partner’s skin.  And if you want to try something a little kinky, you can use the corners of the candles as perfect spouts for dripping a little bit of warm wax onto your partner!  Unlike many candles, which burn too hot for this sort of wax-play to be pain-free, the Afterglow’s wax turns liquid at a lower temperature, making this a safe and sassy way to play with wax.  Plus, unlike regular candle wax, since the Afterglow’s oils can be massaged into the body, you can follow up wax-dripping with a sexy massage, instead of the annoying clean-up one would require for other candles.

As an important safety tip, because there are perfumes in this candle, it’s probably not safe for contact or use with the vulva or anus.  The massage oils should be safe for manual stimulation on the penis, but are unlikely to be safe for use with condoms (an ingredient list wasn’t available to ascertain this for sure).  Also, because we don’t know what sort of waxes are used in this candle, we can’t say for sure who might have skin that is sensitive to the Afterglow or might have a reaction.  Finally, people who are sensitive or allergic to perfumes should avoid the Afterglow, since, while it has body-safe wax, it does use perfumes.

Jun 282010

This week, we take a break from some of our more direct intimacy toys to focus on an essential romantic art for couples: massage!  The Jimmyjane Contour Massage Stone is a fantastic, easy-to-use massage accessory that can help you give delicious massages to your partner.

Jimmyjane's Contour Massage Stone M can up your massage-giving game

Jimmyjane’s Contour Massage Stone (M shape for this review) is a beautiful, light-weight porcelain item that can help you give expert massages or add some variety to your massage routine by emulating the delicious hot/cold stone massages you can get at high-end spas.  This cupped-shaped item fits easily in one’s hand to allow for smooth, soothing massage sensations; you can add some variety by either flipping it upside-down to use the dome-shape as a warm-up, or cup the dome in your hand and use the 4 rounded points to get into tense muscles and pressure points.

Because the Contour Massage Stone is made of lightweight ceramic material, you can warm or cool it by putting it in water of the appropriate temperature for a short amount of time.  When warmed, the Massage Stone will give a deliciously relaxing sensation, and when cooled, it will feel invigorating and renewing.  It is also great for combining with massage oils or massage candles to give a really high-end massage experience.

As an additional plus, the Contour Massage Stone M shape is easy to hold in hand, even for people with limited hand mobility.  This could therefore allow those with some hand disabilities to still be able to give loving, romantic massages to their partners (and receive them, too, of course!).

While the Massage Stone we reviewed here is the “M” shape, Jimmyjane’s Contour Massage Stone comes in a variety of shapes, each of which will give its own unique sensations.  Whichever one you choose, giving and receiving massages is a great way to build intimacy with your partner and help each other relax into a romantic evening.