Dec 012009
Violet Erotica

Violet Erotica discusses the body as kink, and being a sexy vampire

I’m proud to introduce you to VioletErotica, an Italian who proposes that zer body itself is a kink, as ze has experienced life as more than one sex.  VioletErotica also talks about her love of sexual vampirism, as well as sharing stories of zer experiences with various lusty women who learned a new appreciation for the queering of gender and sexuality from zer!  Keep reading for all of the details, and a second photo.

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Nov 172009

Nick Adores Sexy Toes

Nick is Camera Shy, So My Toes Will Have To Do!

This week I’m pleased to introduce Nick, who is our newest foot fetishist to be interviewed here on Exploring Intimacy!  Nick likes to think outside the box, so his interview is in the form of a story with no questions in between.  This normal ‘guy next door’ describes how he first found his love of luscious toes and feet, and other kinky experiences he has enjoyed since.  Keep reading to learn more about the kinky side of Nick!

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Nov 122009

Gary of India shares his experiences with tantric sex and BDSM



I’m happy to introduce you to our newest kink interviewee, Gary.  I believe Gary is our first interviewee from India and he has shared some great stories about his love of various kinks, combined with tantric sex, as well as the socio-sexual climate in his country.  Gary is also looking for hot new erotica for his online businesses, so all you writers might want to drop him a line to learn more!

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Jun 232009


One of Ms.Marthas Beautiful Creations

One of Ms.Martha's Beautiful Creations

Ms. Martha is a well known and highly respected expert with a passion for dressing ladies and gentlemen in only the finest corsets.  I first met Ms.Martha at an event in Atlanta several years ago, when I purchased my first high quality corset from her and she taught me all about how to wear and care for it.  It is an honor to be able to share her thoughts and knowledge with you in this week’s kink interview on the art and power of corsets!  Continue on to read more and see several of her gorgeous creations and their lovely models.

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May 262009
Thomas Enjoys a Very Willing Victim

Thomas Enjoys a Very Willing Victim

Welcome to our Twisted Tuesday interview for May 26.  This week we’re joined by the infamous Thomas, of Thomas’s Spanking Exploits!  Thomas began his blog on spanking a little over two years ago and insists

There is nothing quite so invigorating as having a lovely young lady across my knees for some barebottomed attention until her backside is a beautiful shade of pink.”

Thomas has a clear dedication to both the pleasures and the responsibilities of spanking.  Continue reading to learn all about his passion for paddling bottoms, and how he pursues that perfect shade of pink.

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