Jun 022008

Psst, come on over tonight. He knows and he’s cool with it, plus the kids miss you. We can all play Wii together!

Tilda Swinton

When I speak to university students I am often met with gasps of disbelief if I suggest that for a small (but very real) subculture, long term, romantic love isn’t limited to two people. Some undergrads blink with confused dismay, but I notice those few that are wide-eyed with envy, or perhaps recognition. Yes, I see you back there, staring at me over your crossword. Got your attention now, don’t I?

Every now and then someone sneaks over to me after a class or workshop and quietly peeps “Do you only work with singles and couples? I mean…do you know much about…other…relationships? Not swinging or cheating, but…bigger families…of adults?”

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