May 082011

To the women who realized that it wasn’t the right time to be a mom, thanks for making that unrecognized sacrifice.

To the folks who don’t have a mom to celebrate, you offer the world a model of incredible, silent strength today.  Thank you.

To those whose mother wasn’t able to be the kind of mom that folks are celebrating today, thank you for taking that role upon yourself.

To the moms who are separated from their children by choice, loss, or the cruelty of life, thank you for holding them in your hearts when they can’t be in your arms.

To the women who want so much to be mothers but aren’t, that empty space inside overflows with your grace, strength and perseverance.  Thank you.

To every mother, aunt, girlfriend, partner, nurse, grandmother, wife, daughter and caregiver who is still putting in more than a full day of momming today, thank you for pushing on.

To the women who redefine themselves by becoming mothers, who trade their name for “mom”, who sacrifice more than anyone stops to realize, who strive to make the world a better place by creating a new generation of hope and possibility against all odds, thank you.

To every woman, thank you.


Dr. Ruthie

Aug 202008
Menopause Got You Down? Spice Things Up With These Tips! (thanks,!)

Menopause Got You Down? Spice Things Up With These Tips! (thanks,!)

Ladies and their partners often fear the onset of menopause for its potential to change not only her body but also how she experiences sexual desire and stimulation. Some women feel increased desire, especially as childrearing and pregnancy responsibilities decrease, but others begin to lose interest and pleasure in their sexuality. Whether you’ve already faced menopause or you’ve yet to experience it, this list will help you know what some of the most common concerns are, and how you can keep the love alive! After all, sex doesn’t stop at any age and more and more people are sharing their stories of hot and exciting love lives well after 80. In fact, researchers now say that aging itself doesn’t have anything to do with a decrease in sex or how much we enjoy it. It’s relational concerns, self-images, medical factors and medications that are to blame, many of which we can do something about! See the checklist after the jump:

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Jul 172008
The Big Talk Can Be Scary for Some LolCats

The Big Talk can be scary for some LolCats

I’m seriously impressed! recently reported on a research project in which parents were offered weekly lunch-hour workshops during which they learned how to talk to their youth about sexuality. Adults received information and utilized role playing in order to increase their awareness, skills, and comfort in this area. Both comprehensive and abstinence-based approaches were included, allowing parents the opportunity to handle the topic as they see fit. What a fantastic idea! While I certainly use a comprehensive approach in this blog, I recognize the supreme importance of meeting folks where they are and offering them diverse resources to fit their own needs and ethics. Anywho, parents loved it and reported using the content with success. Yes, they even smiled about it. Companies found the idea peachy, as it helped promote a family-friendly work environment and offered the opportunity to increase productivity by helping parents deal with this troublesome topic at home. Parents also received training on techniques for listening to their kids without lecturing, and other general communication skills. I think I hear my post-graduation job calling me…

The study came out in the July 11 copy of the British Medical Journal, by the way.

Source Article – here


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Jul 102008

Granny panties aren’t so boring after all…

Recent research on STI rates in adults 45+ has shown something many of us knew but few talk about; sex doesn’t stop when the hairline recedes or heat flashes set in.  The majority of sexual health and outreach seems to be aimed at teens and young adults 25 and under, but folks 45 and older are turning up in record numbers… for diagnoses of sexually transmitted infections, especially HPV.  As noted just a few posts down, HPV can and should be tested for as it is linked to cervical cancer.  Ok, enough of the negativity.  While we still have a long way to go toward equal outreach across generations, I am pleased to see some research being done and getting press for mature adults.  It demonstrates the ability of research to impact policy, and it also declares the importance and significant rate of remaining sexual over the years.  Keep up the sexy times, but remember that condoms aren’t just necessary for preventing pregnancy, and so are important across the lifespan!  Check out my post on choosing the right condom for you – here. For my younger readers, now it’s your turn to offer your folks a chat about the birds and bees… and the condoms.

MailOnline’s source article – here