Mar 192013

When the media and the folks online turn their attention to a tragedy I often find myself getting overwhelmed. I would like to comment on the recent rape trial that is now in the media, but without adding to that sense of over saturation and despair. So, I decided to write the article that my heart really needs to read. I look forward to a day when articles like this are factual instead of satire.

Sweeping Social Change In Wake Of Stuebenville Rape Trial

STUEBENVILLE, Ohio (DrRuthieMedia) – News of a guilty verdict in the trial of two high schoolers accused of raping a fellow student has triggered an intense response, signaling a dramatic shift in how sexual assault is viewed in North America.

The judge announced his decision to a silent crowd gathered in the courtroom this past week, yet the emotional response was unquestionable. “Not only did these young men ruin their own lives, but they caused inexcusable harm to a fellow student as well. On a greater level, I believe we all feel a shared sense of responsibility for failing to prevent this tragedy,” shared Dr. Edmond Dnomde, parent of a student that attended the party at which the assault occurred. “There have been many conversations in my household about why our son didn’t act to stop the assault, and why our younger daughter felt it was acceptable to contribute to distributing it online. We all should have had these sorts of conversations earlier, so it could have made a difference in preventing this horrible event,” Dnomde added before leaving to volunteer at a fundraiser the PTA was facilitating for the local sexual assault crisis response hotline.

Community responses have been swift and powerful. Bishop Frank stood on the steps of a local parish, speaking to an unplanned gathering of parishioners that came to the church to work together to take action. “I just don’t get how somebody decides that their own pleasure and manliness is more important than another person’s basic safety and well-being. I don’t understand how others can fail to straighten them out at the first hint of such a plan. We should have moved past this long ago. I know this is far too late, but we’re going to help make sure we get it right,” said Frank, shortly before the crowd began to mobilize into action groups centered on educating youth, modeling gender equality in the home, and creating masculine communities of accountability. “This isn’t just about today,” said Renee Eener, a parishioner and facilitator of the group on equality in the home. “This is a multi-year commitment. We’re in this until all of our children are safe and looking out for each other, instead of preying on each other. And hopefully they will be able to pass the message to their own children, as well.”

Meanwhile, classmates of the victim and assailants had already begun to organize at Stuebenville High School, with solidarity groups around the world being organized on site by social media. “Our first goal is to get her name off the internet, as well as any remaining images and videos of the attack. It’s just another form of perping on her,” declared Maria Airam. “We have a few folks with special skills that are working on that now.” In the gym, teachers were gathered to receive additional special training. “We need to be able to provide safe spaces for all students. I need to know what to do when I hear rape humor or slut shaming in the hallways, so I can help our students grow into strong adults that know better than to say or think such things,” said Sandra Ardnas, who teaches advanced physics to honors students.

“I know most rapes go unreported, so I am expecting to hear from students who had not previously told anyone. It will be difficult, but I am doing everything I can to be ready to be a good ally and a safe person to talk to,” added English Literature teacher Ralph Hplar.

Across town, local police, mental health professionals, and community college students offered services to elementary and middle school students. Officer Reciffo of the Stuebenville Police Department said, “Kids are exposed to news like this before they are old enough to understand. It’s frightening enough for adults to recognize how a community has failed, and how young men in our midst could do such a thing. But these children do not even have words for their feelings. We want them to know that they’re safe, we believe and value them, and that they have the right to expect others to respect them physically, verbally, and emotionally.”

While the initial response to the trial was focused in large part around the futures of the perpetrators, the public quickly demanded better of the mainstream press. This morning mainstream media outlets offered a series of apologies and corrections for their coverage. “We regret the inappropriate focus of our earlier coverage,” said one outlet. “To ensure that this does not happen again, we have hired a team of diverse consultants as active members with a strong voice in our newsroom.” Other outlets have launched fundraisers for existing social justice efforts in an attempt to balance the harm caused.

But for the families involved, the atmosphere is much quieter. Reporters have largely stayed away from their homes and businesses out of respect for their privacy. A few visitors with casseroles and a steady stream of helping professionals has been noted by witnesses in the area. “We are surrounding her with love, respect, and hope in appropriate amounts. We will not turn our back on her, nor will we forget that this terrible experience does not define or limit who is and who she will someday be,” said one neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous. When asked for further information, neighbors simply asked reporters to encourage the public to consider donating to a scholarship for the victim to be used on the educational endeavors of her choice when she turns 21.

Jun 212009


The Femblossom by Emotional Bliss - offers sensual heat and is antibacterial with water

The Femblossom by Emotional Bliss - offers sensual heat and is antibacterial with water



I got a neat product announcement from Emotional Bliss in my email this past week and thought I would share it with all of you.  Now keep in mind that I get a lot of product announcements in my snail-mail and email boxes, but this one stood out to because it was both unique and from a well-respected company.   They have recently introduced products that offer two fantastic features: they warm at the touch of a button and they are also created to be antibacterial when wiped with water!


Femblossom Heat from Emotional Bliss

Femblossom Heat from Emotional Bliss

The sensation of heat can be very sensual, but until now a hot vibe usually means your motor is in trouble.   Emotional Bliss is now offering the Femblossom Heat and Womolia Heat for those who want to warm things up in an intimate way.  They’re both uniquely designed items, and it shows that they came from the mind of an experienced sexuality expert who also happens to be female.  Basically, the Femblossom Heat is designed to be an outtie vibe that curves and cups over the vulva – a great place to apply warm vibrations.  The Womolia Heat is meant for more direct clitoral stimulation, and can also be inserted.  I will be reviewing a Womolia Heat as soon as the box arrives and will let you know what I think!


So what about this antibacterial claim?  I asked ’em and was informed that their vibes are the first to use silver ion technology for antibacterial purposes.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I was a bit skeptical; however, it turns out that there has been some recent research on adding silver ions to plastics and then testing it for antibacterial purposes.  I even found a study in which the silver ion treated plastics were exposed to lab-created bodily fluids and old bath water, and the results were quite promising.  While I couldn’t find a copy of the original source, I also found information suggesting that silver ions may be useful against viruses as well.  Don’t quote me on that one, but do let me know if you have any insights on the topic.  

Womolia Heat by Emotional Bliss

Womolia Heat by Emotional Bliss



Anyway, it seems that plastics with silver ions in them slowly release the ions when exposed to water.  The silver ions aren’t a happy thing for bacteria, and they trigger a reaction in single-celled bacteria (and possibly other single-celled things) that gets rid of them.  It doesn’t poison them or create a toxic leftover, it just inspires them to self destruct, making it a safe way to keep things clean of bacteria.  From what I read, it can last for quite a while, too.  I would suggest washing your antibacterial toy well, all the same.  However, I think many folks will be glad to know that wiping it down well with a wet washcloth will have a non-irritating and effective antibacterial effect.  I can only imagine how great this could be for folks who are very sensitive to soaps and other cleaning products!  

It’s exciting to see companies like Emotional Bliss that prioritize our health as well as our pleasure.  I will be sure to let all of you know what I think of the Womolia Heat as soon as it arrives!

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Jun 012009

Very Lickable

Very Lickable

Down here in Georgia the air conditioning is cranked up (and the electric meter is rolling away) but those lucky British men and women can now enjoy a much tastier way to cool off!  Del Monte recently polled over 1000 women on who they would like enjoy in the form of a frozen fruit pop, and Daniel Craig took the lead.  The result is the popsical you see above, available in cranberry, blueberry or pomegranate and packing less than 100 calories.  Yes, he even comes complete with a bulge and glistening pecs.  The edible sculpture was designed after the image of Craig in the ocean from the 2006 Bond flick.  I’m fairly certain that British micro/macro kinksters are going especially wild right now.   It’s only available until June 7 (in celebration of ice cream week) so UK Explorers need to stock up for the rest of us, whatever our reason for wanting a taste.  Wait a minute, did I just say ice cream week?  Now THERE is something to get really excited about!

The top ten choices (all male, and all from female survey participants) were:

  1. Daniel Craig
  2. Jude Law
  3. Hugh Grant
  4. Steve Jones
  5. Tom Jones
  6. Ewan McGregor
  7. David Cameron
  8. David Beckham
  9. David Tennant
  10. Philip Schofield

Really, I’m trying to dodge a slew of obvious puns, but if you want them then I suggest reading articles from The Chicago Sun Times and UK’s Daily Mail.

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May 162009

Sharing Your Sexy Secrets Well Can Be A Pleasurable Part of Emotional Intelligence

Sharing Your Sexy Secrets Well Can Be A Pleasurable Part of Emotional Intelligence

The Telegraph, a UK newspaper, puts out some interesting stuff.  I was quite disappointing, however, in their reporting on some very cool research on the role of women’s emotional intellegence in the bedroom.  The headline shouts “Intelligent women enjoy sex more than ‘bimbos’, research finds: Women with brains have more fun in bed than the average bimbo, new research suggests.”  What sounds like interesting research was baddly butchered in this article.  Unnamed Telegraph writer, I would like to invite to you discuss your choice of language over tea.  Topics covered will include both sexism and inaccurate reporting.

Lets focus the good stuff from this fascinating study and pretend that the “b word” was never used, shall we?  We all love good research with findings that can be applied in favor of sexy talk and fantasies!  (more after the jump)

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Jan 292009

Coweta Co., GA Is Very Interested In Your Genitials

Coweta Co., GA Is Very Interested In Your Genitials

Folks – if you have a vibe, dildo, butt plug, cucumber, textured or tingling condom, bottle of lube, or anything else you like to rub on your bits, go get it RIGHT NOW!  Clutch it safely to your coochie or neener and stimulate yourself for all you’re worth.  When you feel that golden moment approaching, join me in dedicating your O (as many as you can) to the brave clits, penises, vaginas, anus-es (ani?) and taints of Coweta, CO who must now drive to a neighboring county to buy what you are holding in your busy little hands.  Yes, even if they are white, rich, heterosexual, married, WalMart shoppers and locked in a sound-proof room while using said items.

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Jun 142008


Although the parent’s portal at U of Florida’s website doesn’t mention it, research suggests that at least some of these students are having enjoyable sex with each other.

photo: New York Times


Live has reported that women like sex!  Alright ladies, that’s the green light, lets go!  Perhaps the more surprising finding is that, once in a relationship in which women presumably felt safe, they then ceased to worry so much about societal gender roles.  At that point women then and express as much of a desire for sex as men.  Now that is a finding that will surprise quite a few folks.  Men were also better able to buck societal stereotypes and influences about their gender once in relationships.  Good work fellow researchers, now lets take it to the next step and try to figure out how to get that same sense of freedom and desire for healthy, happy pleasure in all aspects of life, even while single.  I’ll get right to work on designing that study…

   I was impressed that the study, according to Live Science, showed that both men and women prized sexuality in relationships for it’s ability to build closeness and relational health, and even improve self confidence.  I can’t quite tell from the article how they found that result, but I read that they did.  On top of it, this study was predictably done on some undergrad psych students at the University of Florida, so one must be cautious in generalizing to the rest of the world.  I’m sure many an undergrad psych student is reading this blog – so there you go.  Keep up the good sex, Gators, even if you are our sworn rivals. article – here