Mar 212011

Fun Factory has always had a unique and light-hearted design ethic that I really like.  Maybe it’s our shared German heritage, but the smooth, round lines and bright colors are a reminder that sex toys are meant to be fun.  Recently, they’ve been moving toward waterproof, rechargeable vibes of a more premium quality.  Although I miss their old mid-range items, I have to say that it’s really nice having waterproof rechargeable products from them with the same thumpy, hearty vibration as always.  The Yooo, by Fun Factory, is definitely unique in a surprisingly functional way.  I’ve been calling mine “Bubbles,” but that doesn’t really do it justice.  Anyway, check out the video and see for yourself what makes this one special.

  • Toy: Yooo (sent by for review)
  • Type: Rechargeable vibrator, outtie, waterproof
  • Manufacturer: Fun Factory
  • Material: Silicone and plastic
  • Price: $119
  • SMT rating: N/A (Would be an SMT 1 if it were an innie; multiple levels of vibrations and throbby pulsation modes.  Has 2 vibrators inside, making it even stronger)

The Fun Factory Yooo's cute, unique shape make it an excellent outtie vibe for women and men

The Yooo is a pleasantly shaped outtie vibrator made of three bubbly spheres.  It’s about 4.75″ long and 2.5″ wide, and is made from silicone and ABS plastic.  Like most Fun Factory toys, it’s rechargeable, and its charger uses magnets to attach to the toy.  Since this means there isn’t any sort of hole for a cord to go in, the Yooo is entirely waterproof.  It has two motors inside, and has strong, thumpy vibrations, particularly on its higher pulsation settings.  Besides the usual “Plus” and “Minus” buttons to control the speed and setting, the Yooo also has a “Turbo” button that, when pressed, sends the toy into a high, strong vibration for when you need that extra little kick to push you over the edge.  The button area is backlit and seems to light up even when merely jostled (instead of only when a button is pressed), which is cute and makes it easy to find the buttons even in the dark.  The Yooo is an outtie-only vibrator, meant to stimulate the clitoris, vaginal opening, labia, or even the penis and scrotum in your life.   It shouldn’t be used as an innie vibrator, but it’s excellent for what it’s meant to do!

Since it’s Fun Factory, it goes without saying that the Yooo is high-quality and has captured my heart.  It’s cute and non-intimidating and comes in a variety of adorable colors.  The bulbous shape makes it easy to grip, even for those with poor hand strength.  Its shape lends itself equally well to stimulating a clitoris as stroking up and down a penis.  It has lots of strong levels of vibration, and all the pulsation settings are pleasantly strong.  The Turbo button is an excellent additional touch that other toy manufacturers could learn from.

I have very few complaints about the Yooo.  Foremost would be that the buttons are all small and a bit hard to press, especially the Minus button.  For those who are visually disabled, if you can’t see the magnetic charging attachment light up when correctly aligned with the toy, it may be difficult to tell when the toy is charging correctly and when it is fully charged.  Finally, it’s disappointing that the Yooo isn’t being marketed toward men as well as women, because it makes a perfectly enjoyable boy toy!

Overall, the Yooo is yet another well-made, interesting and original toy from Fun Factory that is high-quality and enjoyable.

Mar 032011

Je Joue makes great stuff, so when they sat down and decided to make a super-powerful little clitoral vibrator, they made sure to make an amazing one.  Sure, you’ve been seduced by cute little outtie vibes before, only to be left wanting more.  This smooth, disceet little number is different; it has a powerful enough vibe to practically knock you out of your panties while still being whisper quiet and easy on the eyes.

  • Toy: MiMi (sent by for review)
  • Type: Outtie vibrator, waterproof, rechargeable
  • Manufacturer: Je Joue
  • Material: Silicone
  • Price: $80
  • SMT rating: N/A (settings from a hearty rumble to a strong buzz, would be an SMT 1 if it were an innie)

The small but mighty Je Joue MiMi

Je Joue continues to impress with their high-quality toys.  The MiMi is their new outtie vibrator and it’s a delightful small powerhouse of a toy.  It’s an oval shape, about 3.5″ long and 2″ wide at its widest.  It’s made from velvet-textured silicone, with plastic pad and metal buttons on the base; since the buttons are on the “bottom” of the toy with the charging contact, they’re less likely to get bumped in the heat of the moment and change your settings at an inopportune time. The MiMi has five different vibration speeds and vibe pulsation patterns, controlled through its two plus/minus buttons.

Of course, the important question with a small toy like this is: Is it powerful enough? Some small travel-sized toys don’t seem to have the punch necessary for people who like a good buzz, but thankfully, the MiMi averts this trend.  It has a very, very strong motor and its settings range from a decent rumble to a serious buzz that is surprising for an outtie of this size.  Through all the settings, it’s still very quiet.  And, as stated before, it’s fully rechargeable with a magnetic charger that attaches right to the base.  Plus, it glows when it’s in use (to keep you from losing it in the sheets, I guess?).  Unlike some other toys that combine silicone with plastic or metal, there aren’t grooves in the toy that would be difficult to clean between the silicone and plastic.

The only one major concern with the Je Joue Mimi is the buttons; they require a fair amount of hand strength to press, and are pretty small.  While people with full finger functionality shouldn’t have any major problems, people with reduced finger mobility may have trouble pressing the buttons. Due to the small size of the buttons and the fact that they could be slick with lube, it would be difficult to operate them on the side or corner of a table as I sometimes suggest.  On the other hand, the slightly more difficult buttons do reduce the chance of bumping your settings in the heat of the moment, so for those that have the finger strength and dexterity, this may actually be a plus.

There’s really very little bad to say about the Je Joue MiMi besides the button difficulty.  This is a fantastic little outtie clitoral stimulator.  It’s sleek, small, whisper-quiet but quakingly strong.  It’s yet another great toy from Je Joue, and gets a hearty recommendation.

Jan 122011

While innies are great, there’s something special about a good outtie vibrator that hits the spot just right.  In the same aesthetic vein as the Soraya, the Lelo Alia is a sleek silicone-and-chrome outtie that is easy to handle, powerful for its size, and pleasing to the sight as well as the touch.  Find out more about this cute, sexy little egg-shaped vibe below and in the video above!

  • Toy: Alia (sent by for review)
  • Type: Outtie vibrator, waterproof, rechargeable
  • Manufacturer: Lelo
  • Material: Silicone and ABS plastic (metallic-coated)
  • Price: $119
  • SMT rating: N/A (strong side of moderate)

The Alia is a flirty and fun outtie vibe

The Lelo Alia makes the perfect complement to the Soraya from the same line.  While the Soraya was a delightful innie/outtie vibe, the Alia, on the other hand, is an aesthetically similar and cleverly shaped outtie-only vibrator that’s small and perfect for slipping into a suitcase, purse, or pocket!  Like the Soraya, the Alia has a beautiful, striking look with silicone and chrome-painted plastic.  This toy is an egg-ish shape with a nice hole in the center, perfect for slipping a finger or two into to give a firm grip.  It’s about 3.25″ long and 2.5″ tall, and is both rechargeable and waterproof.

From what I could tell, the motor for the Alia seems to be in the slightly pointed tip, though the vibration (which is a fairly strong moderate buzz) really transmits through the whole toy fairly equally.  The strength of the vibration is quite decent for a toy this size, and it’s very quiet even on its highest setting.  The greatest plus for the Alia is, of course, its unique shape, that gives it a lot of varied possibilities for how it can be held or used.  Those who don’t like to have to hold onto a possibly-slippery toy with a whole-hand grip will be grateful for the nice finger-hold the center whole makes, which makes rubbing the toy along the vulva, clit, or anus easy.  If you do like to wrap your whole hand around something, the Alia is thick but it’s still quite possible to hold it in your hand.  You can loop the toy over a couple of fingers and let the buzz travel down your fingers to give you a vibrating touch, or maybe use it to make your whole hand vibrate lightly for a more stimulating handjob!  For those who are into more kinky activities, the loop-hole in the middle is just begging to have the Alia added to some rope bondage.  And, like other Lelo toys, the Alia’s power and vibration-pattern controls are separate, meaning that it gives you a lot of flexibility in personalizing your experience with it.

As usual for Lelo, I have little of concern to say about the Alia.  I’ll note that while the Soraya’s recharge port was so tiny as to be almost invisible to the eye, my Alia’s recharge port was wide enough that I could see into it; I’m not sure if or how much this affects the waterproof-ness of the toy.  But since Lelo has a 1-year warranty on all their toys, you should be able to get a replacement if it turns out that the toy can’t survive the sexy hot tub fun you might be planning!  Other than that, I will echo my comment on the Soraya that cleaning with the Alia might require a little more diligence than with some other toys, since the edges around the buttons and where the silicone meets the chromed plastic are slightly indented and so have an easy time building up dried lube or other materials.

Overall, the Alia is a sexy-looking and -feeling, portable, and easy-to-handle outtie vibrator.  While I’d particularly recommend it for those with a hard time gripping due to hand strength or other problems, it’s an excellent toy for anyone looking for a new, classy outtie vibrator (and it comes with jewelry, to boot!).

Dec 152010

We all know that, usually, the sequel to something isn’t nearly as good as the original.  Apparently, however, this rule doesn’t apply to vibrators!  Jimmyjane’s Form 3 is just as unique and pleasurable as the Form 2, if not more so!  Read on to learn more about this one-of-a-kind toy.

  • Toy: Form 3 (sent by for review)
  • Type: Outtie vibrator, rechargeable, waterproof
  • Manufacturer: Jimmyjane
  • Material: Silicone and stainless steel
  • Price: $145
  • SMT rating: N/A (outtie toy; fairly high intensity, especially a toy of this size)

Jimmyjane's unique new toy gives your fingers some extra power

When I reviewed Jimmyjane’s Form 2, I was struck by the original “bunny ears” shape of the little rechargeable toy that made it unique and versatile.  Well, Jimmyjane has one-upped themselves on originality with the Form 3, which is unlike any other toy I’ve reviewed.  This little handheld toy, made out of silicone and stainless steel (the latter is all interior except for the charging nub on the bottom) has a sleek, contoured shape that is made to enhance your finger’s touch with a hearty vibration.

The Form 3 has a difficult to describe shape, so you’re best off watching the video to see it up close and personal.  The portion of it that is made to make contact with you is made of a circular silicone “ridge” that surrounds a sheet of thin (but strong, worry not) silicone that forms a divot shape.  This indentation is perfect for you to slip your finger into while you hold the toy, allowing you to touch yourself with the Form 3’s healthy buzz adding a new zip to your finger.  Yes, the Form 3 looks small, but it has a powerful motor, giving it a surprisingly strong (though not overwhelming) vibration.  It remains relatively quiet even at its highest setting and has a variety of different settings for pulsation, steady buzz, etc.  Plus it has a bunch of neat extra features, like the ability to lock the controls for travel and the fact that it immediately returns to its last setting when you turn it back on.

As usual for Jimmyjane, the Form 3 is made from high-quality silicone and so is phthalate-free.  It’s waterproof and easy to clean!  Just make sure you’re using a nice water-based lube, not silicone, with it, and you’re ready to go!  It even comes with a 3-year warranty.  It recharges in a cradle, same as the Form 2, and has a light that indicates when it’s charging when it’s fully charged and ready to run.  The Form 3 lasts for up to seven hours off a full charge, so it can keep you company through a very long night!

I can’t say enough good things about the Form 3.  It’s a premium vibrator that innovates and comes up with fantastic new ways to help you pleasure yourself!

Nov 072010

When I think of the word “Chippendales,” visions of dancing mustachioed hunks prance through my mind.  Thank goodness I’m not only able to re-enact their lusty moves with this vibrator (you’ll just have to watch the video for that one), but I can also enjoy a bit of Chippendales magic for myself, thanks to the Diva vibe.  Just like its namesake exotic dancers, this is a meaty little number with some powerful moves.   Enjoy it for its smooth lines and enticing little bulge or slide it between yourself and your partner for the Chippendales threeway of your dreams.

  • Toy:  Chippendales Diva (sent by for review)
  • Type: Outtie vibrator, battery-powered (3 AAAs), splash-proof
  • Manufacturer: Chippendales
  • Material: Hard plastic
  • Price: $89
  • SMT rating: N/A (outtie; hearty, throbby vibration)

Perform a dance of passion with the Chippendales Diva (and maybe a partner, too)

The Chippendales Diva is a hard plastic outtie vibrator that is perfectly shaped to contour itself to the female form, making it great for both solo and partnered use.  This 5″-long toy has a sensually curved shape, and is delightfully smooth for those of you who don’t like textured toys.  It runs on 3 AAA batteries and has a nice strong, throbbing (but quiet) vibration.  In addition, the Diva is splash-proof, meaning that while you can’t submerge it in water, you can wash it with a damp washcloth or rinse it in gentle flow of water if you keep it away from the battery case.
On one end of the Diva, there is a slightly protruded nub with little dimples on either side.  This smooth little protrusion is made to stimulate the clitoris while you hold the toy or let it rest on your mons–its arched shape makes it rest perfectly on this cushier part of the vulva.  In fact, it fits so well against this area, it would make a great toy for partnered play; if the female using the toy lies on her back, it’s possible to have intercourse with her partner, with the toy doing its sweet vibrating thing between them, either trapped by their bodies or with one person’s hand guiding it.  Another plus to the Diva’s shape is that its thinner middle makes it easy to grasp, even with lube-slick fingers.
Overall, the Diva is a smooth, slick little outtie vibrator that should be great for partnered or solo play.  It’s well-shaped with decent vibration and a nice variety of patterns (watch the video to hear its vibration mode that sounds like a little song!).  Unless you have limited finger dexterity (which is needed to hit the plus/minus buttons, as well as open the battery case), the Diva is a nice, classy-looking choice that’s particularly good for those who like smooth, untextured toys.

Oct 172010

What kind of reception does your clitoris get?  If you’re looking to tune in to more direct sensations, or you just need the perfect sci-fi accoutrement for your Halloween costume as a hot sexuality researcher (aren’t we all?), then take a good look at this truly unique outtie vibrator.

  • Toy:  Seti (sent by for review)
  • Type: Outtie vibrator, battery-powered, waterproof, phthalate-free
  • Manufacturer: Toyfriend
  • Material: Silicone
  • Price: $54
  • SMT rating: N/A (outtie; moderate, highly focused vibration)

The Seti is a vibrator that's out of this world

For someone who has reviewed as many sex toys as I, opening a box and finding a toy that surprises you isn’t as common an occurrence as it used to be.  But Toyfriend managed to catch me off-guard with the unique shape of their Seti-style vibrator.  This toy, shaped like a small satellite dish and named after the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, is not only a fun new shape but also a versatile and useful outtie vibrator.

The Seti is made from high-quality silicone and what feels like a hard plastic core.  The “dish” part of the toy is all silicone and is squishy and bendy, making it easier to fit against your body.  This battery-powered vibrator has a variety of modes that can be flipped through by pressing its one button.

So, of course, the pressing question is: how does the dish-shape work, and does it work well?  The first part, how it works, is answered in depth in my video review.  For a short answer: it works lots of different ways, depending on how you use it.  The dish shape lends itself to versatility, letting you give yourself pinpoint vibration or a more diffuse sensation that surrounds the clitoris.  The answer to the last half of the question surprised me by being a very clear “Yes.”  The dish shape isn’t just a gimmick to make the toy look different, it actually gives the toy a lot of nice different possible sensations, and the vibrator motor is strong enough to give a nice rumble or gentle teases, depending on how the toy is used.

Overall, the Seti is unique and definitely worth a try.  Its shape gives it enough different possibilities that many people will be able to find a way to use it that fits their pleasure the best.  The only concern with the toy would be that you have to go about pressing the power/mode button in a very specific way, since it has to be pushed more deeply than on other toys; people with limited finger mobility may have a harder time with this toy.  Otherwise, however, the Seti is out there (pun intended, of course), but isn’t so crazy that it’s unusable as a pleasure device; Toyfriend made sure that the Seti functioned as a vibrator in addition to having a fun shape.