Jan 312011

If you’re like me, you won’t be quite sure what to expect from a movie with the title Feeling It!… Not Faking It; is it a guide to female orgasm?  A relationship advice DVD?  Nope!  Instead, it’s a delicious set of sexy vignettes that make a DVD full of female-centric erotic goodness!  Find out more about this unique adult video by watching the review or reading below.

  • Movie: Feeling It!…Not Faking It (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: Adult video, female-centric, coupled and group sex, male/female and female/female content
  • Director: Petra Joy
  • Producer: Candida Royale
  • Price: $24.99

Feeling It!...Not Faking It is a sexy series of female-centric fantasies that is low on dialogue and high on sensuality

Of course, in my job, I’ve seen a good deal of porn.  And it’s no surprise that a lot of it, after awhile, tends to look very same-y.  That’s why I’m especially pleased when an erotic video comes my way that subverts my expectations and provides a sexy viewing experience.  Bonus points if that video manages to be more inclusive and understanding of female pleasure.

Well, Candida Royale’s newest film, directed by Petra Joy, is all about female pleasure!  Feeling It!…Not Faking It is a series of sexy vignettes all inspired by common fantasies for women.  And it is a delightful adult film that makes the viewer feel comfortable and seduced, and where all the actors and actresses are obviously having a great time enjoying themselves.

Feeling It runs a bit over an hour, and is made up of short scenes with bare-bones plots that linger on bodies, foreplay, and sensuality.  Each scene contains little to no dialogue, instead focusing on faces and touches to provide an incredibly erotic viewing experience.  The participants’ moans are sometimes audible and sometimes covered by the music, depending on the fantasy being enacted, and are never obtrusive or annoyingly overdubbed.  There’s a great variety in scenes, from voyeurism fantasies to female-on-female seduction or groups of women sharing hot guys, and, of course, a couple of hot male/female couple scenes.  Feeling It starts off slowly and seductively with some quiet scenes of body-painting before launching into dirtier fantasies.

In addition to the wonderful variety of sexy scenes, Feeling It has actresses that aren’t the usual porn standards (though most tend to still be pretty slender or height-weight proportionate) and attractive male leads.  Part of this director’s mission is to not make any of her actresses or actors do things they don’t wish to do, and it shows here: clearly the cast is enjoying itself.  There are some hardcore shots–this isn’t one of those porns that advertises itself as “for women” just because it’s soft-core–but the focus of the scenes is less on penetration and more on foreplay and body-on-body contact in a sensual manner.

Feeling It!…Not Faking It is an erotic, sensual film that does a great job of exploring and enjoying female fantasies and sexuality.  It’s excellent viewing for yourself or with an intimate partner (or several?) for some sexy fantasy material.