Nov 172011

Let’s face it, laying on the heavy g-spot stimulation can involve a lot of hand and wrist stamina and if you’re going DIY then the angel can be especially challenging.  Now that you know the where and how of you g-spot from the last post, let’s talk sex toys for the g-spot.  Do you know how to pick a good one, why they come in such crazy shapes, and how to use one effectively?  You will after this video from FunWares and me!

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Nov 162011

  • Toy: Oden (sent by for review)
  • Type: Remote controlled vibrating cock ring with AAA battery powered vibrating remote that goes with a rechargeable cock ring vibrator
  • Manufacturer: Lelo
  • Material: silicone and hard (ABS) plastic
  • Price: $149
  • SMT rating: 0, moderate strength vibes for both
One thing I’ve learned over my years of doing toy reviews is that people friggin’ love remote controlled sex toys, but they rarely live up to the hype and expectations.  So, can a premium company Lelo pull it off?  They have a new line of high brow vibes, all featuring unique wireless remotes paired with the design sense that so many folks love about Lelo.  So, lets dive in, shall we?
Whew. Seriously.  You get the works with this package!  In your sassy black box (Lelo always has great packaging) comes your usual paperwork (directions, 10 yr warrantee, etc.) the Lelo insignia brooch, charger, satin toy bag, a vibrating battery powered remote control and a vibrating rechargeable cock ring with a unique design that resembles a giant sperm with a curly tail.  Plus, there is a special little plastic tab which acts as a key to get the back of the remote open and closed for swapping out the batteries.  That’s quite a lot of stuff to play with!
So how well does it all work?
  • If definitely feels like you’re getting a lot for the money with the Oden.  The packaging is lovely, as always, and if you loose the key for the back of the remote you can still get it open using a US nickel or similarly sized coin.
  • If you charge it for about 2 hours, you’ll get about 2 hours of use.  This isn’t too terribly far to plan ahead, and will last long enough for the vast majority of folks.
  • The remote vibrates, too!  That means that you can easily monitor what the cock ring is doing by feeling the remote, which is pretty cool.  You can also use it’s many settings to stimulate other areas while the cock ring does its thing.
  • The ring is an open circle, making it very adjustable and easy to get on without awkwardly sliding it down or shoving your bits through.  It’s also easier to adjust where the protruding vibrator on the ring hit’s the partner’s body.
  • Have trouble finding an insertable innie vibe with a clitoral vibe that hits your body right?  The Oden is a great fit for wrapping around your favorite phallus-type vibe.  You can adjust the tilt somewhat and place it at the right depth, and if necessary you can easily use your thumb to push the Oden’s vibe against your clit while grinding away with your toy.  Heck you can even use the remote to buzz yourself elsewhere at the same time. Go to town!
  • Few products meet my desires for easy cleaning, and neither does this.  All of the pretty chrome Lelo toys have a troubling valley where the chrome meets the silicone coated ABS plastic, and that area requires special cleaning attention lest crustiness build up.  This is true on both the remote and ring for this toy.  Furthermore, in order to recharge the vibe on the cock ring, it is unscrewed from the ring-tail and plugged in.  The place where these two parts screw together collects quite a bit of lube and people juices, and is not easy to clean without pulling it apart and flushing out the tail part thoroughly and pulling out the Q-tips and cleaner for the vibrating section.
  • This remote is stronger than most I’ve reviewed, but it still didn’t do well when the testers’ plush bodies were pressed together.  It just couldn’t get the signal through all that flesh.  Would it work better for skinnier owners?  I’m probably not the one to ask.  When the signal is lost the controller keeps vibrating but the ring stops, which is frustrating.  It would have been better if it continued at the last known setting, but alas.
  • The remote uses buttons to switch settings, but there are two other unique ways to turn it on, if you’ll pardon the pun.  One setting allows you to tilt the vibe to control it.  The more vertical it is, the harder the buzz.  The other reacts to shaking or jiggling – flail madly and it buzzes harder.  Hm.  While these were interesting features and may be enjoyable for some folks, I found them functionally useless and didn’t even include them in the video – but I am adding it here so you know this about the product.  You still have to use the buttons to synch the product and turn it on/off, so if you trouble pushing buttons you’re still out of luck.
  • Be sure this toy with a quality water-based lube (like Maximus), as silicone lube may eventually wear down the silicone coat and oil based lube with be especially hard to clean out of the toy’s crevices.
  • Cock rings don’t work for everyone.  The vibrator on this cock ring extended nicely and was flexible at the base as well as nicely contoured, so it’s probably going to work for a wider range of people.  For some women their clit is right above their vaginal opening, so a shorter vibe is best.  For many others it’s a little higher above the vagina, so the extra reach is important.  And remember, flesh cocks don’t carry vibrations well and all cock rings work best with grinding-style style vs. thrusty sex.
So there you go!  If you’re interested in vibrating cock rings but need a vibe that doesn’t stick out as far from the ring, or you prefer an enclosed ring to help keep him harder, you might also want to check out the: Tor by Lelo, JimmyJane Iconic Ring, or the Ophoria V-Ring.  Or you might try the Koa ring, by Lelo’s economy priced brand, PicoBong.  I haven’t reviewed that one yet, but it may be worth a look as it also has a vibrator that sticks out further, and there is no remote.

Nov 142011

In an on-going effort to help you get laid and love it even more, FunWares and I are answering your questions on sex and relationships every month.  This time around, I have a special video guide for choosing and using the right anal lubes.  The right lube makes a difference, and so does using it right away (and using enough).  Step up your butt play prowess!

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Sep 302010
vibrator patent

images from what may be the first vibrator patent

I’ve put together this video on enjoying your first vibrator after a special request of one of my wonderful clients.  Watch and learn where and how to use a vibrator on the main lady in your life for exploration, intimacy and lots and lots of pleasure!  Thanks so much to FunWares for making this educational series possible!

Aug 272010
I imagine that if I had a fairy godmother, she would show up with a vibrating kind of magic wand.  She wouldn’t get very far if it had an electrical cord on it.  So my fairy postal delivery person brought me this cordless wand-style vibrator from to review, just for you!  I keep wondering if the delivery people ever talk to each other about how I get so many sex toys, and, if so, are they jealous?  Anyway, on to more important things!

Rechargeable Magic Wand is a Little Quieter than the Hitachi and Almost as Strong

The Rechargeable Magic Wand is, as you might guess from the name, a cordless, rechargeable wand-style vibrator similar to the famed Hitachi Magic Wand. For a full compare-and-contrast session between this toy, the Hitachi Magic Wand, and the Mystic Wand, check out my recent video all about their differences.
The Rechargeable Magic Wand has a sturdy plastic body and a squishy silicone head.  The “head” portion of the wand can be removed for easy washing between uses.  It can be used as an outie vibrator, body massager, or–with the correct attachments–an innie or innie/outie combo vibrator.
Despite being a cordless, rechargeable vibrator, the Rechargeable Magic Wand is quite strong; make sure to use lots of (water-based) lube to keep its stimulation from being too intense!  It’s fairly quiet for its power, and can run for quite awhile on a full charge.  It also holds its charge well; our testers said that it still worked after a week or more away from its charger.  The one negative to this wand is that it can’t be charged indefinitely.  After reaching a full charge, it needs to be unplugged, or else the over-charging will damage the battery’s lifespan.  This makes the Rechargeable Magic Wand slightly less convenient than toys that can be left in charging cradles, but since it manages to hold its charge well after being unplugged, it isn’t a big problem.
For more information on how to use this toy (or any wand-style vibrator), check out the video above, and then the wand comparison video to figure out which one (or more than one!) matches your tastes best!

May 132010

Creative, sexy, wearable and very pleasurable for solo or partnered play, the We-Vibe 2 is a fantastic sex toy with several improvements on the already-awesome original.

  • Toy:  We-Vibe 2 (sent by for review)
  • Type: 7-mode dual vibrator, innie/outtie, wearable, rechargeable, water resistant,
  • Manufacturer: Standard Innovation Corp. (basically, the We-Vibe people)
  • Material: medical grade silicone
  • Price: $99
  • SMT rating: This is a moderately powerful toy, but since it clips right now it isn’t SMT-powerful.  Still, very satisfying.
We-Vibe 2

We-Vibe 2

The latest model of the We-Vibe, We-Vibe 2, has the attractive features of being both more dynamic and lower priced than the original sex toy! This two-vibrator design provides satisfying vibrating-pressure sensations to the G-spot, as well as pleasurable stimulation to the clitoris during intercourse and play with toys as well as on its own.

This vibration item can also enhance time spent in solitary activities such as watching videos, writing and reading. It is designed for a little bit of motion, but may not adapt well to walking around. Experimenting with a partner is suggested when first learning to use the toy in order to find the most appealing movements. Its smooth silicone surface should be enhanced with water-based lubricant.

Used with an insertion toy or a partner’s body part of choice, the We-Vibe 2 will offer added G-spot stimulation. This rechargeable and easy-to-use toy features an improved off and on switch and 7 different movement patterns, besides “low” and “high” settings. It is well built and can be left on the recharger for use at a moment’s notice. It’s also suggested for use by those with limited mobility to enhance pleasure.

This is a fantastic vibe for women to wear (yes, wear) solo and with their partners, even during intercourse!  Check out the video above to learn more about the We-Vibe 2 and suggestions for some very creative uses.  And remember, I don’t accept any commission money or other benefits from sales – it’s all about education for my readers and clients!

But don’t just take my word for it – even Crissy (of ToyWithMe), her man (Ken), and her martini love it!

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