Oct 092008

Fans of Cunning Minx, lovely voice of the podcast Polyamory Weekly, are marking their calendars for The Poly Living conference. Feb 27 – March 1 (2009), polyamorists of all stripes will be flocking to Philly to hear speakers such as Cunning Minx address topics from flirting to legal issues. Check out all of the details at their website – here. Interested in attending? Register quickly, the fee goes up on 10/15.

Wondering what this poly thing is all about? Read more – here

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Jun 232008

The Ethical Slut

The Ethical Slut, photo by the publishers: Greenery Press

I do enjoy posting about nontraditional relationships, possibly because they (as a big heterogeneous group) are far more common than traditional, nuclear families. Cory Silverberg, who I often mention here, has posted a list of books he has reviewed on the topic – here. I’m a particular fan of The Ethical Slut, especially after meeting the authors several years ago.

Jun 022008

Psst, come on over tonight. He knows and he’s cool with it, plus the kids miss you. We can all play Wii together!

Tilda Swinton

When I speak to university students I am often met with gasps of disbelief if I suggest that for a small (but very real) subculture, long term, romantic love isn’t limited to two people. Some undergrads blink with confused dismay, but I notice those few that are wide-eyed with envy, or perhaps recognition. Yes, I see you back there, staring at me over your crossword. Got your attention now, don’t I?

Every now and then someone sneaks over to me after a class or workshop and quietly peeps “Do you only work with singles and couples? I mean…do you know much about…other…relationships? Not swinging or cheating, but…bigger families…of adults?”

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